Rita Hart concedes, now the question becomes is it a loss to Miller-Meeks or Miller-Leach

  • The writing (vote tally) was on the wall
  • Apparently Hart did not have the votes even in Zoe Lofgren’s committee
  • Maybe some bile in this post, not unlike MMM is capable of, and Rita Hart

I was of the opinion that there would be enough Dem’s “taking a walk” on a floor vote or who would vote outright to seat Miller-Meeks should the House Administration committee under Zoe Lofgren (loaded with Dems well beyond their caucus ratio) issue a finding in favor of Hart.  Only a few Dems, maybe six would be needed to scuttle Hart’s chances.  The optics were just too much for a few not to see the light. A few even had the wits to say in recent weeks that they were unconvinced of the propriety of the challenge by Hart and admitted to the optics (more likely the most compelling reason).

Hart counted heads and issued her concession earlier today.

Having predicted the outcome we will also answer our posed question.  Miller-Meeks could not possibly be as bad as Jim Leach our former Republican congressman. His was a unique smarminess and treachery that only an Obama supporter who one time masqueraded as a Republican could muster. We pray MMM’s recent vote to support the Violence Against Women Act  was not a Leach maneuver (see previous related posts).  But then we sure as hell don’t hope she was sincere.  Oh well.

And henceforth we will “never-mind” that Miller-Meeks vilified Trump comparing him to mendacious Hillary in 2016 then, but after winning on his coattails  in 2020, in a monumental vote on January 6th sustained the most corrupt and most questionable election in US history, without insisting on due consideration of Constitutional delays, and arbitrarily approved, as in rubber stamped,  the hazarding of our Republic to the likes of a senile crook who is being puppet-mastered by people who want to destroy the American experiment in freedom.

But thank you for your service Madames et Monsieur Miller-Meeks,  Ernst and Grassley.  When push came to shove you folded quick and easy on the big one, a few flowery tut-tuts,  but were soon back to doing business in the swamp, keeping the country safe for ethanol and wind towers, placating your conservative base when you think it politically advantageous but lamenting how your hands were tied on the big-one.

Don’t worry readers, we understand that Republicans are still our hope for the future.  And we are grateful . . . not so much to those hired to do the right thing  . . . which they often rise to the occasion and do . . . but for that it could be much worse . . . we could have actually had Rita Hart in office.

OK enough of my release of a bit of bitterness.  Let’s move on to Hart’s.

Hart’s official statement via KWQC

WHEATLAND, Iowa (KWQC) – Rita Hart, who lost to Mariannette Miller-Meeks in the race for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District seat by six votes in November, has conceded.

The Democrat released a statement Wednesday saying, “After many conversations with people I trust about the future of this contest, I have made the decision to withdraw my contest before the House Committee on Administration.”

She went on to say, “I am saddened that some Iowans’ votes will not count through no fault of their own.” . . .

What didn’t make it into the KWQC story about Hart’s concession statement was this, via the Washington Examiner:

“Despite our best efforts to have every vote counted, the reality is that the toxic campaign of political disinformation to attack this constitutional review of the closest congressional contest in 100 years has effectively silenced the voices of Iowans,” Hart said in a statement Wednesday. “It is a stain on our democracy that the truth has not prevailed and my hope for the future is a return to decency and civility.”

Advocating not for truth but her truth.  Priceless.

For the record, we suspect Hart is toast.  Dem’s will have to come up with somebody else to reclaim the seat. They think it belongs to them. And they are bitter.

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