A little gratitude? An update!

Teen whose life saved by Columbus police officer identified

NY Times liberal columnist, Bret Stephens writes:
“An alternative view: Maybe there wasn’t time for Officer Reardon, in an 11-second interaction, to “de-escalate” the situation, as he is now being faulted for failing to do. And maybe the balance of our sympathies should lie not with the would-be perpetrator of a violent assault but with the cop who saved a Black life — namely that of Tionna Bonner, who nearly had Bryant’s knife thrust into her.”

An expression of gratitude for the police officer who saved her life would be helpful…but not anticipated.

I’m going to give the youngster the benefit of the doubt.

Nevertheless, I wish the young lady whose life was saved by Officer Nicholas Reardon in the tragic Columbus,O. incident would publicly express her gratitude.

Aside from acknowledging to another officer that Ma’Khia Bryant did, indeed, attack her with a knife and was only seconds and inches from being seriously injured or even killed, the teen has said nothing more as far as I’ve been able to learn.

The reason I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and forgive her apparent reluctance to say more (and most of all say something in defense of cops in general or Officer Reardon in particular) is because she probably must still live in the neighborhood where the attack occurred. Based on overwhelming evidence, that would undoubtedly subject her to intimidation, vicious threats, and probable serious harm or ‘worse’.

In today’s atmosphere, especially in the Black community where BLM and other agitators are constantly trying to arouse people to violence, any comment, even vaguely in support of Officer Reardon’s action, or police in general, can get a person hurt seriously or even killed.

Below are two news accounts that provide a few more details surrounding the incident, and about the late Ms. Bryant:

At the Federalist

If Black Lives Matter Gives A Crap About Black Lives, It Will Retract Its Ma’Khia Bryant Statement

There is a bit more detailed rundown on the story here:

Based on eye witness accounts and video evidence, it is difficult to do anything other than to commend the police officer’s action under the most extreme and stressful conditions, while at the same time mourn the deceased teenager, despite her actions.

Much more remains to be known of events leading up to this tragedy but it is apparent that Officer Reardon deserves praise for saving a life even though extreme circumstances necessitated the tragic death of another.   dlh

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