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One might argue a point or two in the links below however the themes we feel are accurate  . . . and fearful. Patriots must resist while we still have the political ability to do so and the clout to be effective short of what our forefathers were compelled to do. First article up a forward from SF.

These Key Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror and America’s Woke Culture Reveal Left’s Blueprint For Complete Takeover

Thursday marked the 151st birthday of the most successful revolutionary of all time, Vladimir Lenin. With only a tiny cabal of diehard followers, Lenin seized control of the world’s largest country and inaugurated a reign of darkness and terror that lasted seventy years.

There are many lessons to draw from the blood-soaked life of Lenin. But one of the most important is this takeaway for the terrifying “woke” moment America is living through right now. Things are not going to naturally get better. Things will not organically “calm down.” Until there is a fundamental reset of America’s treasonous leadership class, today’s unthinkable witch hunt is merely a prelude of an even darker globalist terror to come.     . . .

This from over the transom from the excellent The Epoch Times–  interestingly run by Chinese emigres, including from Red China , experienced in the ways of communism “revolution” and dictators.

A Mom’s Research (Part 4): Why Are Many Elites Leftists? 

After reading quite a few insightful books, I learned that what is happening now is nothing new. Since the late 19th century, Western elites have been fascinated with communism and have supported its cause. In the pursuit of utopian ideals, traditional values have been trashed, America has been brought to the brink of socialism, and hundreds of millions of people around the world have been thrown to the bloodthirsty communist beast.

Even now, this pursuit is ongoing.   . . .

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