Is that Fauci — Faust — or Beelzebub

Revelations since Steve Deace and Todd Erzen’s book Faucian Bargain , thanks to FOIA demands of official emails (perhaps not even the most damning communications) of Center for Infectious Disease Control head Anthony Fauci “The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History” validate adding “and evil” to the subtitle’s summation.

The following links are to a variety of original sources aggregated mostly at the go-to site Liberty Daily. Other sources are also included.  There are many in just this batch, which perhaps will serve as one consolidated resource to start your investigation of Fauci and the devastation he has wrought. We doubt Fauci is being misunderstood in these critiques and exposes. But not all blame is his of course.  There are willful manipulative and opportunistic accomplices, Fauci perhaps one among equals of beelzebubs hovering in China, here and elsewhere.

Pompeo Confirms Intense Opposition to Wuhan Lab Probe From State Department, Intelligence Bureaucracies

Pompeo: Fauci has a lot of questions to answer, his colleague has ‘dirty hands’

Facebook CEO offered Dr. Fauci ‘very exciting’ proposal, vaccine ‘resources’ | News | LifeSite

The Most Prolific Serial Killer In American History: Anthony Fauci

Bombshell: Lancet’s Infamous Covid Disinformation Campaign was Orchestrated by Fauci’s Buddy Peter Daszak

Testy Fauci Struggles to Answer Basic Questions About His E-Mails in NewsNation Interview

Fauci Emails Show Doctor Who Rose To Fame To Cover His Own Scandal

Dr. Anthony Fauci literally laughs off the idea that the Chinese would engineer a virus that could kill their own and other people

‘Fauci’s days numbered?’ Sen. Rand Paul absolutely LIGHTS Fauci up and rubs salt in the Left’s Fauci wound during interview over released emails (watch)

Exposing the Evil, People-Killing Pandemic Strategy

  Dr. Fauci’s Reaction to Fake China COVID Data Tells You Everything You Need to Know About the Doctor – Becker News

Wuhan Lab Research Funder Peter Daszak Helped Create a Coronavirus in 2016, Has Ties To WHO and Facebook Fact-Checkers

Scamdemic Produced Big Pharma Billionaires As Doctor Warns Of “Bioweapons Thrust Upon The Public” – DC Clothesline

Email: Researcher Who Funded Wuhan Lab, Admitted To Manipulating Coronaviruses Thanked Fauci For Dismissing Lab Leak Theory – Summit News

Emails show Dr. Fauci was WORRIED that NIH might have ties to Coronavirus spread in China last year

REVEALED: Dr. Fauci Plotted with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Push COVID-19 Fear Porn Before 2020 Election

Fauci Emails Reveal Damage Control Scramble After ZeroHedge Spotlights Man-Made COVID-19 Theory

Fauci: Email on CCP Covering Up Coronavirus Deaths ‘Too Long’ to Read

Fauci’s Gain-of-Function Smoking Gun Email Proves He Lied to Senator Paul and America – 🔔 The Liberty Daily

“That Was A Lie”: Tucker Carlson Levels Fauci After FOIA Emails Connect The Dots | ZeroHedge

TUCKER: Fauci’s Emails Merit ‘Criminal Investigation’, He May Have Committed ‘Perjury’ In Confrontation With Rand Paul – National File

Tucker Carlson: Fauci committed perjury, might be under criminal investigation already | News | LifeSite

Emails Show Anthony Fauci Recommended Canceling Religious ‘Services’ but Approved Campaign Rallies, Cruise Ships Days Later

By Gary Bauer at American Values

The Books On COVID

Have you pre-ordered Dr. Fauci’s new book, “Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward”? It’s reportedly only 80 pages long. But I am sure it will be required reading by America’s cultural and globalist elites. 

Not since Governor Andrew Cuomo shared his wisdom on the COVID-19 pandemic in “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” has there been such anticipation of a new book.

Cuomo committed one of the biggest blunders of the COVID-19 pandemic when he “seeded” New York’s nursing homes with COVID-19 infected patients. The elderly and frail predictably soon fell ill with the virus. Tens of thousands of them died. 

I can make a good case that Cuomo should be in prison. His nursing home blunder was criminally negligent. His cover-up of the truth was obstruction of justice.

Coincidentally, “truth” is one of the subjects of Fauci’s book. No wonder the book is only 80 pages long! 

Fauci repeatedly lied during the pandemic, most notably on the question of whether U.S. taxpayer money went to the Chinese communist Wuhan lab for “gain of function” research. Fauci played word games repeatedly in his congressional testimony.

Ultimately, the persistence of Senator Rand Paul and Senator John Kennedy, as well as the relentless work by Steve Bannon and Tucker Carlson among others, led to Fauci admitting U.S. funds did go to the Wuhan lab.  But, Dr. Fauci assures us that the Wuhan scientists have assured him that none of the funds were used for dangerous research.

I predict Dr. Fauci will be out before his book is. The Biden Administration will want to cut its losses. The 90-day investigation Biden has ordered into the origins of the Chinese communist virus will likely end with no firm conclusion.

Certainly, the Chinese government will never admit wrongdoing. In fact, they will continue promoting their relentless propaganda around the world claiming the virus originated in the U.S.

Meanwhile, we must never forget what we already know are the facts:

  • After communist China knew COVID-19 was deadly and spreading from person to person they lied to the world about it.
  • Meanwhile, they bought up massive quantities of other countries’ protective medical equipment, hoarding it for themselves.
  • Finally, even though travel within China was severely restricted, the communists allowed hundreds of thousands of their citizens to travel abroad in the early months guaranteeing every nation would be impacted.


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