Covidistan and The Great Reset, they are in for a reckoning

Amen we say unto you. — go forth and ridicule subtly if need be, with love to whom it must be, with distain to the manipulators, but resist, resist with all your heart

Two excellent commentaries at Townhall from Scott Morefield and Kurt Schlichter

NOT ONE INCH To Covidstan.

Excerpt re the control bureaucracy and the sheeple “Branch Covidians”   . . .

Let alone ‘scientific,’ these aren’t even rational people. They are terrorists. And you don’t compromise with terrorists. You ‘destroy’ them, in this case figuratively, by first refusing to submit to their ridiculous edicts and demands, then relentlessly assaulting their credibility with facts and data, and finally, if possible, bringing the power of governments and the judicial system down upon their worthless, discredited heads.

Forced public masking must be resisted and destroyed EVERYWHERE it is practiced, including and especially schools and public transportation, places where the system seeks to maintain its foothold in an effort to expand it again once the next respiratory virus wave hits (and it will). Vaccine passports must be rejected and made illegal in states controlled by the GOP, and any notion that children or the previously infected, a population group at absolutely ZERO statistical risk, should be compelled to take a vaccine should be rejected out of hand for the quasi-medical quackery that it is. And ANY form of lockdowns or business closures as a way to ‘curb the spread’ of any new COVID-19 wave, however small or large, should be fought at all costs.

Covidstan, a ‘nation’ whose ‘borders’ stretch across the globe, was established and maintained based on lies – that the death rate was far larger than it turned out to be, that children and the young were at statistical risk, and that non-pharmaceutical human ‘interventions’ could make a difference in stopping a highly contagious respiratory virus. It is led by frauds and populated by sheep all-too-willing to mindlessly obey those frauds. It has zero credibility and even less moral basis for existing.

The Coma Before the Storm

Both authors are compelling in their message. Here Schlichter puts the control freaks and the Great Reset advocates on notice, detecting that normal people will reset the resetters. Read the entirety of both.

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