Announcing a New Woke V’PAC

Note to readers: we apologize in advance for any issue with pronoun selection but we were compelled to respond expeditiously to a comment posted to our recent article:  THE NFL GODS ARE MORE LIKE:

“M” wrote: I find it bizarre that a business would try to drive customers away. If football wants to be “gay” they have that right. It appears they don’t want me to watch. Very strange.

The New Woke V’PAC responds:

Mr. M …what makes you think that the NFL cares if you or I watch (or attend in person) their games?

In 2020, the NFL, its team owners and players, decided that it was both a very, very virtuous thing, and a smart business decision, to join with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, the all-in anti-America “Antifa” thing, and the Democratic Party, as “social justice warriors”.

And they (the NFL) went “all-in” themselves, supporting the “end police brutality toward Blacks”, “re-imagine” and “defund”police departments movement , and, above all, not-too-subtly, told their fans to ‘get on board’, or, ’take a hike’.

And the League didn’t want to be misunderstood. They tossed out their “strict rules on uniforms” (which, as noted, prohibited “decals’ of any kind, especially those which might honor police officers killed in the line of duty!).

Players, both Black and really virtuous White, eagerly slapped stickers on their helmets to pay honor to Black ‘victims’ of “murderous, racist” police officers!

They approved, and encouraged “social justice slogans” to be painted in the end zones of all the League’s teams.

The league proclaimed that season openers at the various venues would feature the playing of the “Black National Anthem” (for which players stood respectfully)…while players were not required to show any respect for “America’s National Anthem:”

The long-running effort to make the “Washington Football Team” drop its “Redskins” name finally was achieved…to the thundering applause of…WHO??

Face it, Mr. M, if you don’t think this is a great and wonderful thing the National Football League is doing…and now taking on those evil people who support anti-LGBTQ groups…you are a RACIST, and a “Homophobe”, and, possibly, a “sexist”.

So, be a good sport, and check your favorite player’s “preferred pronoun”! (Maybe the players will put their pronouns on the back of their jerseys.) dlh


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2 Responses to Announcing a New Woke V’PAC

  1. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    Happy to have provoked a spirited discussion.
    It’s not just the NFL that’s lost my business. I’ll never purchase another Nike product. Coke has lost my business, as has Burger King. I’m off of Dick’s Sporting Goods (Field and Stream) like a dirty shirt. I haven’t purchased Heinz ketchup since the 2004 election cycle.
    I’m a hard-head and will not give my money to those who express disdain for me and that I hold dear. If that makes me a “hater” I’ll wear that title like a badge of honor.

  2. dlh says:

    I’m with you on this one, Gene. Wherever there’s a ready alternative (and there is, to nearly all) to any of those you note, that’s where I go. I would add a few to those you mention (eg., Delta Air).
    Interestingly, though, you mention Coke. I agree! But, it wasn’t too long ago that I was avoiding Pepsi, when they had the nutcase CEO, Indra Nooyi, who loved Obama, hated Trump (and me), etc

    And, speaking of;
    “Pepsi’s new logo strongly resembles Obama’s logo, but the soda company says the similarity was not deliberate.”
    Alyson Hurt/NPR, Jan. ’09

    “I think President Obama … has always been a friend of business. “He’s always had a dialogue with business, it’s just that his policy options were highly limited.”
    The PepsiCo chief also heaped praised on Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for his willingness to encourage trade.
    —- Indra Nooyi, CEO and Chairman, PepsiCo

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