Milley has much to answer for

Seems a very similar scenario appeared in V’pac some days ago. Anybody notice if Hanson’s name was in the byline?        dlh

To understand Milley’s gambit, imagine Admiral Ernest King, soon to be chief of naval operations, sometime in November 1941 secretly contacting Japanese Imperial Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, to warn him and the Japanese high command that Admiral King felt President Roosevelt was both too trigger happy for a Pacific war and was also increasingly infirm and unsteady.

And thus, King would step forward to promise Admiral Yamamoto and the Japanese military grandees that if he felt there was any possible aggressive or peremptory presidential order against Japan, King would tip him off first.

Note that critical contemporaries had complained both that Roosevelt was pining for a pretext for war with Japan and that his closed circle had hidden many of his serious health challenges from the public—and note also that the chances that a President Roosevelt or Trump would have ever staged a preemptive attack on a belligerent neutral were—absolutely zero.

This devastating critique of Milley and more at latest Hanson article at  American Greatness.

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