McConnell as Republican leader, embarrassed by Schumer, stomps his feet

Democrat Majority Leader Charles Schumer gave a victory speech after a group of Republicans lead by Mitch McConnell helped them deliver on a debt ceiling raise that serves to move the Democrats gargantuan Marxist “reconciliation budget” forward. Mitch and the ten other Republicans were not being the adults in the room they were being the  patsies in the room, and intentionally so. They just didn’t want their noses rubbed in it.

Schumer was so unseemly in his comments that Joe Manchin walked out and even a few other Dems might have been a bit embarrassed over the Dem leader’s lack of decorum. McConnell in responding to the victory attack essentially admitted how complicit he and the ten others were in advancing the Democrat procedural victory.  We are still wondering why have a filibuster if the worried party caves whenever the other party threaten to end it, but effectively allows the threatening party to keep it for themselves.

We recommend this deservidly scathing commentary regarding McConnel  (and the other ten Republicans)

JUST IN: Mitch says he won’t HELP “any future effort” by DEMS thanks to Schumer’s “HYSTERICS”.

Keep in mind that had Schumer not tap danced on McConnell’s leadership grave, McConnell would have issued no umbrage but been no less guilty of  helping the Democrat march to inculcate Marxist ideals.

Check out our previous post regarding the McConnell led Republican surrender squad as well.

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