Yankee Doodle to Let’s Go Brandon — The New Rallying Cry for America

  • Phenomenal spread (related links below) 
  • Oh it’s a dog whistle alright
  • NASCAR people show the way
  • Its not just eff Joe Biden — it is eff Joe Biden and the horse he road in on
  • Scott McKay, a contributor the American Spectator, wrote that the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant is “a seminal moment in American political history.”

Yankee Doodle first was used by the British governing elites to make fun of American troops as “sorry, trifling fellows,  fools or simpletons”.  In a turnaround it was adopted by American revolutionaries as an in your face response ~~ sort of  “that’s right and were here and we are going to kick your British arse” — and they did.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” rallying cry is the newer in your face response to both the dominant liberal media and their coverup of the Biden corruptions and governmental atrocities, Biden himself and those who continue to support his administrations policies. It substitutes for (in politer venues anyway) the chant F**k Joe Biden. The genesis of the particular phrase is explained in the links.  The Powerline link and the related comments  are particularly insightful.  We will consolidate and post some related memes later today.


Here’s How Conservatives Are Sticking It to the Media for Ignoring the ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Chants

Most of the following memes were sourced from the excellent comments to the Powerline article linked above


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