Todd Akin RIP

Remember when the Republican Party establishment blamed the 2012 Romney loss on fallout from the Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock Senate campaigns and their inarticulate handling of the rape aspect to the abortion issue. These were the same people who then and now had nothing to say about how Romney then and now was not articulate or assailable on his handling of all manner of issues — who had and has many very serious inconsistencies and is virtually traitorous now aiding and abetting the opposition.

Ann Coulter “AC” and Karl Rove immediately come to mind.

Somehow loyalty for Romney required Republican steadfastness, rigorous defense, attacking the critics —  demanding Republicans who opposed him in primaries close ranks — no loyalty or official support withdrawn — no badmouthing allowed as a result of THE MANY fumbled, cringe inducing statements Romney made. Even prior to the nomination any criticism of the leading candidate was admonished as giving the Democrats ammunition.

And to have criticized Romney should he have won the election would have first given AC (not to be confused with the relative even temperedness of AOC)  the vapors then unleashed vitriol you could not imagine against the critics.  Karl Rove would have turned Snidely Whiplash and formed a PAC to dispense underhanded revenge.

Jack Cashill has written a tribute to Todd Akin on his passing early last week.  We commend it to you.

The GOP Betrayal of Rep. Todd Akin


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