Give Us Your Opinion


1- Who, in your opinion, is the worst U.S. Attorney  General in modern history?:
a) Eric Holder
b) Jeff Sessions
c) William Barr
d) Merrick Garland

2- Will the commission President Joey appointed recommend that the US Supreme Court not be expanded so that he may appoint 4 additional liberal justices?

3- (With the possible exception of Fox’s Doocy) does the news media use child actors to attend ‘Pjen’ Psaki’s press conferences?

4- Which sub-Cabinet post do you think President Joey should consider Dave Loebsack for?:

a) Aide To Vice President Harris in charge of child actor recruitment?
b) Assistant to Sec. of Education in charge of School Board protection?
c) Undersecretary of HHS for Sanger Eugenics  and taxpayer abortion funding?
d) Your suggestion

5- Would illegal immigration pose a threat to US security if the US border were not closed?

6- Is the ’Scranton Scrapper’ preparing to issue a “Baby Aspirin Mandate” to halt a heart attack “epidemic” in US?

7- Have the descendants of Corn Pop demanded reparations for the pain ‘Joey’ has caused the family by his bullying?

8- Will Hunter Biden be named to head the DEA or Special Envoy to China?

9) In your view, has the Quad City Times done enough to support “Brandon’s” “Build Back Better” spending?

Give Us Your Opinion.  Readers are also invited to  submit their “critical questions”        dlh

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One Response to Give Us Your Opinion

  1. Designated2 says:

    as to #1 are we talking predictably bad, or most chameleon like?

    as to #3, yes, but also narcissist windbags, Beelzebubs, sex-offender parolees and sheltered workshop enrollees

    as to #8 need that be an either or proposition?

    as to #9 — does ad space count?

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