“Brandonites” truly are the great uniters, in a polemic sort of way

The chant is truly phenomenal. A sign of defiance, resilience, and hope really — that people do see through this stain on America. Keep hope alive. Turn it into an everyday greeting… right up there with ~~ Nice weather we’ve been having . . . let’s go Brandon.

Overwhelmingly intrusive government … impeachable dereliction of duty regarding our borders . . .  policies that lead to ending national sovereignty and to one-world government … appeasement of tyrannical regimes . . .  devastating economic and cultural policies — it is a  Destroy America First (DAF) agenda that describes Joe Biden’s  a.k.a. “Brandon’s” pretend presidency.

Joe Biden is not a nice man and never was. While he is intellectually vacuous his reptilian brain maintains his nasty vindictive ways.  Policies are dictated by his handlers who must keep a very short leash on Biden only allowing him to venture forth when in tow and only into very controlled environments there to be pet by the press. He is an empty vessel these Marxists pour policy into.  The chant “Let’s go Brandon” is of course code for contempt for Joe Biden and the horse he rode in on, meaning the Democrat Party and his handlers.   Use it at every opportunity.

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