School Board Elections — Parents’ Rights and Kids’ Health at Stake

  • Support the write-in candidates in the Davenport Community School Board (DCSB) election Hannah Doyle and James Quinn
  • Concerned parents with better decision making skills than the incumbents they are running against
  • Make Davenport an example

(This post corrected – sorry about earlier problems)

In the Davenport School Board race there are four people on the ballot along with write-in opportunities for superior candidates.  There are three open positions. We endorse the candidacies and the organized effort behind two write-in candidates whose success would send a crucial message to the bureaucrats that run the floundering if not foundering  Davenport public school system.  The message being that parents and “stake holders” as in taxpayers need to be answered to and that school board members are not there to serve the failed liberal educational establishment.

In a manner of speaking, many parents have been voting for months, pulling their kids out of the DCSD, sending their kids to other school districts as is allowed, private schools and home-schooling. But as is obvious from most of the statements (or lack thereof) by the candidates on the ballot on surveys by the teachers union, the River City Reader  and statements in the Quad City Times they haven’t a clue about what is motivating the declining enrollment in spite of the growth in population of the area the DCSD encompasses.

To varying degrees, a nuance here and there,  all of those on the ballot seem more oriented toward accommodating relationships between liberal teachers, political wokeness, and educational bureaucracy — the underlying assumption that they know best — and less so the needs of students, protecting the culture and concerns of parents.

While no doubt always concerned, two individuals have stepped forward after the proverbial straw that broke the camel’ back — re-institution of mask mandate by the DCSD by vote of the school board even though other districts (better performing we might add) thoroughly rejected the madness.  We will set forth more information relevant to the election, expanding this post later today but for now, in case you or people you know are voting early, please support these two write-in candidates:




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