Impressive campaign behind write-in candidates for Davenport School Board

  • Vote for Hannah Doyle and James Quinn as write-in candidates

The Davenport School Board (DCSD) implemented a mask mandate the day of the deadline to file to run for the three open positions. Adjacent community school districts have not initiated mask mandates*.

None of the DCSD candidates who are on the ballot adequately support that such mask mandates for school children have no solid basis in health science, indeed have serious health and pedagogical contra-indications and are an assault on parents and their children’s rights.  Because of that situation and it was too late to file  — two well-spoken individuals have stepped up and are running with an impressive effort behind them as write-in candidates — Hannah Doyle and James Quinn .

Surrounding school districts respect parents health concerns for their children and allow parents to choose to have their children wear masks — or not if health, well-being, socialization  and learning concerns indicate to parents their kids should not wear them.

Regardless of substantive studies that indicate that masks (as promulgated) do not work to prevent the spread of COVID among children (or the general population) and that children are at extremely low risk of contracting the virus or to have serious repercussions, were they to contract it, parents in “freedom to mc choose” school districts are free to have their kids wear masks in school every moment if they wish, —  inside — outside — in gym class — in language class — at lunch time in between bites at the same table as other kids — whenever and wherever they choose. Not so in Davenport public schools, kids and parents have no choice.

Freedom to choose school districts, higher performing by the way, are not so absurd as the DCSD School Board and the candidates on the printed ballot who support mask mandates.  and denial of parents and students choice.

Thankfully for children’s health and society there is an enthusiastic, well-informed and well-organized grassroots effort on behalf of two write-in candidates for the DCSD School Board — Hannah Doyle and James Quinn.

The effort is social media and internet oriented with printed material and yard signs focused on directing voters to such contact points.  More information about them and the write-in campaign behind them is available at

In this age of social media, write-in candidacies in many races can overcome the handicaps of not being on the ballot, particularly when allied interest groups  use their contacts repetitively to develop the necessary name ID, motivating issue association and provide the simple instructions on how to write in a preferred choice on the ballot.

Done with enthusiasm and the plea to have contacts amplify the message to their own lists (even if they overlap) write-in candidacies can overcome historic odds. When the campaign is focused on typically lower turnout off-year municipal and school board elections where the ballot candidates are not well known anyway and typically not well-financed the possibility for success is real. A win by them and their campaign, while an exercise of basic practical politics, would absolutely shock the municipal and school district establishments who rely on elitist newspaper endorsements, grift networks and unions, all typically liberal and with a we know best power fetish.

Key factors that offer the two Davenport School Board candidates Hannah Doyle and James Quinn a real possibility are their  focus on a motivating issue that also holds a broader defining importance useful to getting out voters.  That issue is their opposition to COVID related mandates for masking and COVID vaccinating of school age children. They are supported by the  “freedom to choose” campaign. Their opposition to mandates in support of parents and children is a likely stand-in in people’s minds for a host of heart-felt intellectually and culturally sound issues in the context of education.

On the flip side,  support for mandates, a denial of parental choice, is a stand-in for attitudinal holdings giving carte-blanche to the educational bureaucracy — like Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe and his mimic here — DCSD incumbent Allison Beck who is on the ballot running for reelection.  Talk about “dog-whistles”, Beck’s campaign literature is dripping with jargon and undefined BS phrases that the leftist teacher union bosses and other education bureaucrats know means support for mandates (she was part of the board vote in support), their desire to trample parental rights and pedagogically failing liberal political correctness and inculcation of same into the schools.

Beck by the way also voted for the sale of Lincoln School for a ridiculous $30,000 — a scandal in itself in our judgement as either a high-handed good ol’ boy vote, or indicative of people who can’t do business math and have no concerns for taxpayers assets. In a rare act of good journalism the matter is detailed in a string of articles in the QC Times. However more true to form, the QC Times will no doubt endorse Beck as after all she is on the liberal PC team.  Because of a staggered elections process for school board members this is the first election since her votes to practically give away a valuable taxpayer asset this is the time to help remove her and send a message.

Three positions are open but one can vote for less – please at least write in two names in the write-in area of the Davenport School Board section on the ballot — Hannah Doyle and James Quinn.  Write their names on a slip of paper and carry it in with you to get the spelling correct.  Print their names separately on the lines available on the ballot.

Call, cajole, email, text, spread on social media, induce your family, friends and contacts   who live in the Davenport School District to do the same and to show up and vote this coming Tuesday November, 2nd .    Write in Hannah Doyle and James Quinn .  DCSD residents will have that race on their ballots others in other districts for this general election will not.  For questions on where to vote — go to the Scott County Auditor web site“Election Central”.

More posts and updates regarding this election to come.

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