Will Congressional Republicans do anything about this other than issue a tut tut?

The above article appears at The Gateway Pundit.  It has been a crucial site for revelations about 2020 election frauds.  What will Republican leadership due?  They have gotten so settled with just complaining about Biden’s performance even as he destroys the economy and American freedoms. There was mountains of evidence before of fraudulent and openly unconstitutional electoral activities before and soon after the 2020 election but for Republican leadership — well for most the desire for  “regular order” (i.e. rolling over) prevailed — in the face of the rape of the country.    This post will be added to.

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  1. DLH says:

    Biden unintentionaly ‘gave away the game’ in his speech Thursday. He noted that no courts were even inclined to hear President Trump’s case claiming the election was stolen.
    And therein lies the key to this whole dangerous tragedy (known as a ‘Biden Presidency”).
    For various reasons, some no doubt deeply sincere out of fear that an unassailable finding based on evidence would show that a United States election was almost totally corrupted, and in fact stolen. A mountain of facts was dismissed as “anectdotal” ; affidavits, given by hundreds of Americans under threat of perjury were dismissed without hearing of any kind.
    In my view, there was universal refusal to actually consider solid evidence, competent and honest testimony…to even give cursory attention like that given to obvious unfounded rumors in the past…those surrounding large events like the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, the “weapons of mass destruction” of Saddam’s.
    Some courts which refused to hear the case no doubt were fearful of the terrible damage the facts would have on future elections and on the confidence of the American people in our nation’ s “rule of Law”!
    Others, aided and abetted by an abjectly dishonest news media, did not want their party’s dishonest return to power overturned.
    Allowed to stand, there is a credible argument to be made that this nation will never again see an honest, democratic election. Especially, if this nauseating episode results in major changes in election laws as the Democratic Party desires.
    ABOVE ALL, THE “JUSTICE SYSTEM”…the “Courts” have failed America in its most crucial trial.

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