I would like to join Roger in expressing our gratitude to our readers over the years. We realize that there are many sites one can go to to get political and social news. We obviously do not and care not to supplant them. We do try to bring to our readers’ attention stories, columns, or news items that are important to our readers and our nation….in case you’ve missed them or because they are of such critical importance that we feel it is worth the mention of items even though you may have already read or seen them from other sources.

Besides our gratitude for readers tolerating us, I’d like to note something that has troubled us since we started this blog.

The Quad Cities, in our opinion, is an important place for a site like ours. Not because we are so erudite and timely. Rather because this is an unique community.

It is an area with profound history affecting national events. It is a milieu of manufacturing and agricultural interests and a key area in a state that has all eyes on it every four years as the first in the nation precinct caucus state.

Among our readers are people of extraordinary and selfless , heroic even, service in the military, law enforcement, criminal justice and national security, as well as politics.

Their insight and knowledge can add so much to the public awareness and the voters of the Quad Cities.

Those whose careers or experiences in the military or law enforcement , or politics have insights that our readers and the community at large should be allowed to share. Only you can reflect on whether the organizations or professions you gave a part of your lives to have changed, have become something different, maybe no longer serve the goals they were once established to achieve.

There are other readers with business, medicine, religious, teaching, science and engineering backgrounds with very valuable angles on events of the day. Just as important with much to offer are workaday folks or retirees who read, listen and cogitate who could bring their life’s lessons and their appreciation of our country’s freedoms to our readers.

Please…in 2022, share the insight and evaluations only you can give.

The major local newspaper, as we believe most people are aware is a very liberal publication. If this area’s residents rely almost entirely on the news and opinion it churns out on a daily basis, this community’s people can wind up supporting and promoting ideas and governance detrimental not only to the immediate area but to the nation as well. The people that residents of Iowa and Illinois send to represent them in state capitals and in Washington can exert great influence on the direction of this nation.

We may be “biased” but we believe that President Biden and the liberal (“progressive”) party that directs him has already demonstrated how much damage they can do to America’s values, principles, history, and very existence.

Your views and opinions can help America to turn away from their destructive ideology.

To us, however, it seems that you, our readers have the opportunity to do so much more by expressing the values and views you have formed over years of professionalism, service, and dedication.

The QC Times has a ‘readers opinion’ outlet…the “Letters to the Editor”. But, if one believes that opinion letters from readers are not screened for their consistency with the “party line” and the number of such ‘contrary’ opinion is not limited to reduce their impact on public awareness, one is being very naive.

That is why Roger and I believe that Veritaspac is an effective means by which conservatives can bring a representative viewpoint to the community, not limited by liberal political correctness or ineffective word length. Our featured guest contributions can include pictures, charts or even video to make a point. . We wish that more of you, our readers, would make your views and opinions known on the Veritaspac site. It can be anonymous , if you wish.

Any readers’ contributions that we post are legitimate…we don’t make up “anonymous” ones to appear that we get input that we do not actually receive from readers. However nom de plumes are acceptable.

Also, tell your friends or acquaintances about this site. We believe there is a significant ‘conservative information gap” in the Quad Cities, and we believe that VeritasPAC can help to fill it. As it becomes a force for conservative public opinion, you can bet the local media will notice.

We don’t expect it to be ‘friendly notice’, but then, that’s what we’re about.

So, in 2022, we implore our readers to let go of any concerns you might have about exposing your deeply held beliefs and opinions to the scrutiny of strangers. Your community, your country needs to hear from people of your backgrounds and experiences.

Please…in 2022, share the insight and evaluations only you can give.

And, thanks for your support and readership over the past decade.
Let’s do at least 10 more years…together!       dlh

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