As for election officials — If they are not transparent assume the worst

When a State’s Secretary of State is in on Voter Fraud – Article at American Thinker by Jay Valantine  — recommended by SF

Iowa SOS Paul Pate recommended counties use Zuckerberg CTCL election influencing money

Iowa’s system is still vulnerable to fraud/disruption

Lots of sloppiness in the system 

Pate’s emphasis on early voting and vote by mail is not good government and offers a playground for cheating

No sense of urgency to replace antiquated data systems/add data points in order to incorporate search and analysis tools,

Partisan bias still allowed

Election officials — too lazy, or they don’t like, resent, or fear citizens mucking in “their”   bailiwick 

Too many County Auditors pack an attitude when citizens want data

Forensic audits of every general election ought to be automatic, close or not.  Serious issues shortcomings can be masked by assumptions about the pureness of even landslide victories.

Assuming the worst is what will keep the counters honest

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