Presumptively not a good idea to talk to an FBI agent without a lawyer present

  • About anything, even the weather. ¬†You might be reported as a climate denier or something.

While all field agents should not be painted with the same brush, do not most now willingly do the bidding of reprehensible politicized upper echelon?

Yes we know there are nuts and unbalanced people participating in various causes, including the right (although not endemic like the left’s problem). Our observation is that such types are shunned from legitimate concerned organizations or movements and that their own little agitprop groups wither on the vine, if allowed to.

But what of when a law enforcement agency props them up, agitates them, becomes their Rasputins, indeed their enablers not allowing convulsive fleeting “big talk” to go where most of it goes, not acted on, even dismissed after the sobering of time?

This American Greatness article is chilling:

More Trouble for the FBI in the Whitmer Kidnapping Case
In a stunning move, defense lawyers now want prosecutors to offer immunity not to their clients but to FBI agents and informants.


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