2000+ Mules maybe brought not just the presidential electoral vote maybe the popular vote and maybe the House

  • Not enough evidence in key states my ass
  • By rubber-stamping the election the Iowa Republican federal delegation hardly avoided a national crisis — without a fight they ushered in national financial ruin, an idiot-ocracy inviting world war, devastation of national sovereignty, nuclear Iran, a worldwide food crisis, inculcation and subsidy of moral degeneracy . . .
  • But don’t get upset, its not like the Dems are and will be in a rush to do their worst 
  • Its not like the Dems will still likely have the cat bird seat to protect many of their ill-gotten gains perhaps even past a 2024 presidential rout by Republicans on top of congressional wins in 2022.
  • There needs to be disgust conveyed to the weak hitters during the Republican primary hopefully supplanting the unchastened, but to be sure, regrouping to (for some cases) hold our collective noses and vote straight Republican in the general (nothing is worse than a Dem).
  • View the 2000 Mules documentary, challenge Republican apparat to take responsibility for any acquiescence.   More comments below:

Now I am not saying the new documentary put together by True The Vote and by Dinesh DeDouza, informed by whistle blowers and brave state legislators,  and all those responsible for the research and production going into the documentary 2000 Mules are saying the popular vote was stolen (portions certainly were). I have not seen the documentary as yet and I may have to wait until later in the week.  But all the pre-publicity indicates the presidency was essentially stolen through targeted states impacting the electoral college.

Read about the documentary here . . .  or various articles related to it vis web search. 

The reason we may have to wait a few days to see it is because local theaters are not confirming a showing.  They will have to be contacted later in the day as the producers/distributors have advised them not to pre-publicize because of the threat of disruption. (See links to articles).

BREAKING – showings at Davenport 53rd Street cinemas 7:00 PM TONIGHT and Wednesday This is a private screening event. You will not see 2000 Mules listed on the marquee and there will be no posters. Please do not challenge theater staff on lack of signage. This is how all private screening events are held. Cost online at the 2000 Mule site $20.00

So by some lights the supposed ministerial necessity of certifying an election with plain as day exhibitions of:  multiple states’ election laws being ignored, incredible absentee voting patterns, voter list and eligibility issues, courts failing to address the merits of claims, the phenomenal extent of electoral history anomalies, sworn testimony from observers, video evidence of chicanery  . . . trumps (pardon the usage) all.  Somehow The Framers thought it necessary to impart a ministerial task on to representatives turning them into functionaries that must sit back and rubber stamp a stolen election without recourse . . .  a Constitution self-destruct mechanism because that is what is going on.

So what has the ease with which the 2020 steal was certified cost the country . . . the world? Now here I want to emphasize my complaint is with so many who simply rolled over and declined to join the efforts of Cruz and Cotton and others to pursue constitutional means to examine the validity of the situation. A fair and thorough hearing. The honoring of the Constitutional right to petition the government for redress of grievances — a stolen election that is not preempted or circumvented by a dumb-ass interpretation of the Constitution imposing any ministerial obligation.

The tremendous damage of the rubber-stamping of Biden/ Harris crime family being installed includes: national financial ruin, an idiot-ocracy inviting world war, devastation of national sovereignty, nuclear Iran, a worldwide food crisis, inculcation and subsidy of moral degeneracy (we are all sinners but Dems want to glorify it) . . . tax support for abortion on demand expanding to infanticide . . . all predictable.

All this is of course mostly the cheaters fault but if good people see the likelihood of the national and cultural sabotage and do nothing to challenge the power grab at the time, well they owe us and future generations an intense effort to legally decertify the election and reset every policy implemented by the thieves, and oh yes send them to jail.

Otherwise, the way it stands today Republicans may well win the House and maybe even the Senate in 2022 but to a regrettable great extent to what avail?  Biden will still be president, impeachment and conviction will result in perhaps as bad or worse for two years. Even with a Republican Congress it is unfortunately likely that Republicans will not be in charge, the Dem pretender president and a veto sustaining number of Democrats in Congress can protect their damndest. Federally, the main hope is the 2024 presidential election in combination with a 2022 win JUST TO HOLD THE LINE. And so we pray.

But even then a roll-back might be prevented by RINOs in league with remaining Dems to sustain filibusters by Dems to protect their ill-gotten gains.  Desertification is the appropriate federal solution morally and we hope practically (even if new political ground).   To be sure Red States asserting themselves is absolutely essential to the Republic and may overarch some things but unfortunately impractically not others.

Anyway watch the documentary 2000 Mules.  We remain open to suggestions, corrections, better ideas to what we have opinionated here. We will publish comments to the contrary. But do keep in mind  it is Democrats who have long demonstrated they are unscrupulous, unethical, and election cheaters (surely 90% of election fraud is perpetrated by Democrats). They are not going to be embarrassed and resign. They must be set back.

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