Sobering post by Gary Bauer about overconfidence come November

The first part of this commentary by Gary Bauer writing at Campaign for Working Families is a timely caution to avoid being confident that Republicans have it in the bag come November 2022.   The worst thing to do would be to take for granted that a repudiation of Democrats is in the air (too often it is an echo chamber) and not encourage others to support Republican candidates in the general and work for those you can. Democrats lie cheat and steal, they have billionaire support and entrenched media and  they are super dedicated to big government with the CCP as a guiding light. Bold is our emphasis and a one or two of our comments offset.  We post three of today’s topical commentaries.  There are more insights available here.

The Biden Bump

I spent the weekend monitoring the news, and heard far too many GOP consultants and politicians talking about how they’re going to sweep everything this November.  As the campaign season goes, we’re still early in the first quarter, but they’re already spiking the football! 
Most Republican consultants and “leaders” predicted that the redistricting process was going to be a huge win that would by itself guarantee victory this November.  They were wrong
At best, the redistricting process may turn out to be a wash, or maybe a small gain.  And that’s only because of a totally unexpected victory from a liberal court in New York, and Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida rejected his legislature’s plan and demanded something better.
My point is that conservatives can’t afford to take anything for granted.  Nothing is written in stone. 
Take the latest Washington Post poll, for example.  It shows Biden’s numbers are ticking up, which may be a delayed “war bounce.”  It also shows that the midterm elections are a tossup, with a slight advantage for the Democrats.
I know the Post’s polling tends to be flawed.  But five major polls released in the past two weeks show the November elections could go either way.
If Republicans want to win, they need to stop talking like political scientists.  Voters don’t care about historical trends.  Struggling families want answers.
They want to be able to pay their mortgage, send their kids to college, put gas in their car and food on the table.  They want to stop the nonsense in our schools and they want to secure our border. 
Conservative candidates and pundits need to stop talking “inside baseball” and start explaining their solutions!
CWF is working hard to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire.  Please help us elect more pro-family, pro-life America First conservatives!
Biden’s War
Peggy Noonan’s latest column is generating a lot of buzz in Washington.  She’s worried that Joe Biden’s irresponsible rhetoric could lead to a nuclear conflict.  The Russians certainly believe it is a distinct possibility.
If we’re going to the brink of war with Russia, potentially risking millions of lives, Joe Biden has an obligation to go on national television to explain why we’re sending another $33 billion to Ukraine. 
He should explain to the American people what our national interest is in securing Ukraine’s borders when he fails to secure our borders.
The Biden White House knows that it is perceived as being weak.  The debacle in Afghanistan, just seven months into his administration, may mark the beginning of the end of Biden’s presidency.  That’s when his poll numbers really collapsed and they’ve never recovered.
Now it appears as if Biden is trying to overcompensate for that weakness.  He’s calling for regime change in Russia, demanding Putin be removed from power.  Secretary of Defense Austin says our goal in Ukraine is to see Russia “weakened” militarily.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi says we’re committed to Ukraine “until the fight is done.” 
Are we?  When was that decided?  And by whom?
This is a very dangerous time.  The one thing most likely to save Democrats this November is transforming Joe Biden into a wartime commander-in-chief, causing the country to rally around him. 
There is a real risk that Democrats and their left-wing media allies will try to exploit the war in the weeks leading up to the election.  In other words, it’s not in the left’s interests for this war to end quickly, although everyone should be praying that it does. 
Peggy Noonan and I aren’t the only ones worried about the growing risks of the conflict spiraling out of control.  Liberal icon Noam Chomsky said recently that Donald Trump is the only Western statesman calling for negotiated peace talks.  Unfortunately, Trump is not the one setting U.S. or NATO policy right now.
Homeland Insecurity
Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas went on Fox News Sunday to address the growing scandal at the border and the controversy surrounding his new Disinformation Governance Board.  After his remarks, it’s clear his department should be called the “Department of Homeland Insecurity.”
Host Bret Baier repeatedly pressed Mayorkas as to what he was doing to stop illegal immigration and to deport illegal aliens.  Mayorkas answered, “It is the objective of the Biden Administration to make sure that we have safe, orderly, and legal pathways for individuals to be able to access our legal system.” 
In other words, border security is not a priority at all.  The priority is managing illegal immigration more efficiently.
On the disinformation board, Mayorkas said his department is addressing disinformation from Russia, China and Iran that is a threat to the homeland.   But what if I said our current leftist government is guilty of spreading disinformation?  Here are two examples. 
Our entire health bureaucracy promoted the lie that it was impossible for COVID to come out of the Wuhan lab.  Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins tried to suppress any discussion of the lab leak theory out of fear it would hurt their ability to work with communist China.  They went all out to discredit anyone in the scientific community who wanted the truth about the virus.
The second example is even more pernicious. 
Our enemies – Russia, China and Iran – are telling countries around the world that America is racist, founded on genocide and slavery.  But who is repeating this enemy propaganda? 
It’s not Fox News.  It’s not Newsmax or Breitbart.  It’s spread by Joe Biden.  It’s spread by the New York Times.  It’s spread by the big teachers’ unions, and virtually every history professor on every college campus. 
The prevailing view of the woke left is the same propaganda that our enemies are spreading.  That speaks volumes about today’s anti-American left.
Liberals are dropping ideological nuclear bombs on our own children, turning them against their own country, and helping our enemies undermine America.
Want To Kill A Baby?
Then visit Connecticut.  The Washington Post headline says it all:  “Connecticut Likely To Be Refuge For Abortion Patients.”
The story describes the pro-abortion state government promising to pass a law that guarantees abortions for women who live in the state now and for anyone who wants to visit for the purpose of killing a preborn baby. 


We would expect that a number of Blue states will compete to be abortion destinations should Roe V Wade be overturned in a way that the abortion issue is turned back to the states where it resided pre-Roe. We are not at all confident as to what the SCOTUS will do but clearly Demon run states are worried.

Sadly, Connecticut isn’t the only state trying to become “sanctuary state for abortion.”  Talk about misplaced liberal priorities!  Leftists will provide sanctuary to illegal aliens, but not the most innocent among us.
Conservative states try to entice businesses to come by promising lower taxes and less regulation.  Liberal states try to attract women to come by promising high rates of baby slaughter. 
America, sadly, has irreconcilable divisions.

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