Possible Roe / Doe reversal eclipses news of proof of the theft of the presidency

The wailing and gnashing of teeth is right on cue and of course the media is spinning the news to spin up the pro-abortion outrage. They are breathlessly implying the gist of the leaked  draft opinion is that abortion is to be made illegal by the Supreme Court. In reports I heard on the radio the while describing the draft as “overturning Roe V Wade” the sequence was not that the result is to turn the matter over to the states where it was before but into bombastic calumny bleated by Schumer and others damning the Supreme Court members .  Never mind that the draft decision would not stop one abortion.

The dominant media has all along covered up the full extent of the abortion license in America under the legal regime created by Roe v Wade and the campion case issued the same day — Doe V Bolton which essentially made abortion legal until the moment of birth for reasons to include “family distress”. The truth is under Roe and Doe we have the most wide open abortion policy in the western world with the likes of China and North Korea our main rivals for the likes of  in utero infanticide. The media and the Democrats do not want to talk about that, or the profound implications of the illegal release of the draft, but to bombast falsities about what the draft implies.  You see the draft matter could have waited except they knew something was scheduled that they did not have an answer for — other than distraction.

I believe the cue for the criminal  release of the draft was to create and time  a story to supplant what ought to be the story world wide — the 2000 Mule expose establishing that the evidence is in, the Kraken has been released, there is sufficient proof beyond reasonable doubt that at least the 2020 Presidential election was stolen by Democrat sympathetic operatives through a variety of illegal activities. Wayne Allen Root writing today at Western Journal shares my belief.    More on this later today.

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