Part 3: If a kraken is released and no one is allowed to hear about it does it exist?

The kraken referred to is of course evidence of the theft of 2020 election exposed in the documentary film 2000 Mules which premiered Monday May 2nd. A synopsis,  people and organizations that made the documentary are set forth in this link.

I watched the documentary in a movie theater that was full except for some neck-bender seats way up front, probably a couple hundred people for the first showing, no doubt there from their attention to conservative web sites and social media NOT any references from dominant liberal papers, broadcast and cable TV including FOX Network because there wasn’t any from those sources who constantly issue the chant  “no evidence” and “false claim” whenever Trump or a supporter even questions the integrity of the 2020 election.

The mechanism of the theft as set forth in the documentary, in a nutshell, was of an organized effort to violate election laws in key states first using mass blanketing of absentee ballots, requested or not,  then using ballot harvesting, non-statutory third party collecting and handling intermediaries (in my estimation increasing the possibility of forging absentee ballots) and then organizing individuals with no relation to the voters to distribute the voted ballots to absentee ballot drop boxes, an illegal activity in the key electoral states studied.

The steal was verified by the use of commercially available cell-phone ping data and FOC demands for public surveillance camera video. All is explained by the 2000 Mules producers.

The documentary presents evidence that the dominant Trump hating press says at every turn does not exist.  Indeed “the kraken”  has now been released for objective analysis.  The producers are making available the data they used to challenge deniers to see for themselves.   That is transparency and objectivity which was characteristically not present in the key swing states under review (even when run by incompetent and CYA Republicans .

Of course in knee-jerk fashion the deniers are twisting themselves into pretzels to imagine and posit excuses for the association of the same people making multiple visits to certain non-profits and then multiple visits to ballot dropboxes with multiple ballots (as seen on camera).  The excuses range from  ~~ well they were just helping out family members (apparently the mules have multiple families) ~~ to just people who transit the routes identified routinely and innocently (except the pattern of their identifiable cell phone geolocations began and ended consistent with the election.

The coverup includes assertions that signature verification would have caught any fraud in filling absentee ballots, except that the process was either not required, hugely ineffective and my bet, simply not done. If  the fraud enablers actually believed that was done then they would stand shoulders to shoulder with True the Vote and demand that the absentee ballots be certified focused on signature verification.

The pattern other than as denied by the guilty and the obtuse is clear. the pedigree of the perps is clear.  The election was stolen.

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