Part 2 — If a kraken is released and no one is allowed to hear about it does it exist?

The specific timing of the leak of the SCOTUS draft and the extent of the coverage and fulmination by the usual suspects

The subversive irresponsible anarchist punk who released the draft undermining the SCOTUS processes for partisan political ends had the draft for weeks.  Releasing it was the back pocket tool that might have been held somewhat longer or released earlier to any particular end. No doubt the purpose was to grab the media attention increasingly forlorn over the Biden Residency’s many problems with something they and the shock troops would relate to wholeheartedly  —  the unfettered killing of unborn babies as a personal autonomy right. Gaia forbid that the inconvenient might cast their shadow on gaia countenance.

Actually the pro-choicers are so obviously not big on personal autonomy in so many areas of society that that is just a useful cover. The abortion license is really about insuring dead babies without taking away the opiate of sex.  You see no one is apparently aware of conception control  and that instinctually a certain sex act at least portends or imitates the possibility of reproduction (otherwise how did mankind ever reproduce). The abortion license is about pounding home that people are expendable and that we are here not as children of God but as servants of the state o be well husbanded by Big Brother.

If you celebrate abortion you celebrate not having human autonomy apply to every human being and by inference the interchangeability of humans (no one is a unique biological entity) or regardless that those entities are expendable.  Oh, and to make sacramental the rebellion against God.

Suffice it to say abortion is the third rail, actually the first and second rail as well of the Democrat party activists. There are exceptions, but just not a lot, and the exceptions are just tools. Unfettered abortion motivates and steers the Party movers and shakers with a blood lust.  And so they believe that anything that inhibits this rotten to the core belief will be equally received by the minions they have strived to indoctrinate. And so that is why they believe in the power of the abortion issue and why they think it a trump card and that it will overwhelming motivate people to their side.  They are wrong but they are feeling kind of desperate.

OK enough traditional philosophy and our critique that what the current sophists really want is no babies and dead babies.More in Part 3.

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