Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it

Because, in spite of the chicken littles, we can’t. Weather gunna weather whether we like it or not.  Consider this recent post explaining historic observations. But first a couple of asides.

First we believe that much of the statistics indicating trends are bogus because of the undependability of the measuring, the guess work required and the biased or weak modeling.  Claims regarding what the average temperature was centuries ago and then building graphs from that as if they are unassailable is hokum.  

Regarding the pretense of climate alarmists that think man is largely responsible for major trends (as if they would not happen but for man). If man is responsible for a degree or two Celsius of warming, over many decades, particularly as a result of CO2, I say good. That is better than cooling,  warmth is easier to deal with than cold and can increase crop yields particularly if CO2 is actually significantly increased. Easier and ‘significantly’ are the watch words.

To be sure man can alter localized environments, fail to anticipate droughts with stupid policies, cause actual pollution, devastate the land in various ways but the earth has a remarkable ability to cope and compensate and recondition built in as far as the effects of the  indigenous to this planet. As suggested in this article our celestial place has more to do with climate change than anything.

Extreme Weather During the Maunder Minimum


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