Part 4: If a kraken is released and no one is allowed to hear about it does it exist?

The theft of the 2020 presidential election is the biggest political scandal in United States history because of the now widespread contemporary known facts of the steal, the journalistic corruption and blackout, the accessories after the fact judiciary, the willful and cowardly political class including so many Republicans.

The documentary 2000 Mules has exposed the steal of the 2020 presidential election. See here,  here,  here,  here, here, here and here. *

The evidence presented is convincing that the mechanism highlighted in the documentary was real and that an organized conspiracy — with an electoral college game plan that was the result of a network of orchestrations, either interstate or intrastate. We also believe there was casual unorganized but Democrat fostered cheating that was also impactful. The reason being it is so easy to do on a onesy twosy basis when absentee voting by mail presents so much opportunity.

There was the perfect manmade storm of covid hysteria to provide a virtual algae bloom of absentee ballot requests and actual ballots both laying around for exploitation. Democrats always exploit a crisis (and create one when none is available).

Force multipliers of illegal activity were also abundant — the Zuckerberg Money CTCL was a force multiplier in key states. You can review our posts about  the influence of Zuckerberg money through this link.

The dominant liberal media , the AP which feeds most daily newspapers, the usual culprits in broadcast and cable media including  Fox (radio and cable news) have with maniacal consistency and purpose addressed critics of  2020 election integrity as makers of bogus claims,  debunked claims,  false claims or that no significant fraud has been found . . .

We believe the timing  of the leak of the draft SCOTUS opinion overturning Roe v Wade made at the time of the release of the 2000 Mule documentary was likely to give the allies in the media of the 2020 theft something to talk about rather than appearing so totally oblivious.  To be sure there was and continues to be a succession of Biden blunders of which his allies desperately want to change the subject.  What better way to change the subject than to throw domestic allies a bone to ease their panic and give them something to foment about.

Knowing abortion blood lust is near and dear to Democrats while delusionally assuming the majority of America agrees with Roe’s original establishment of abortion on demand for any reason at any time of pregnancy removing any ability of legislatures to regulate they set out to change the subject, and to a degree it has worked. But the draft had been available to the perp  for weeks prior and so the draft could have been leaked either days earlier or later.   Others share our opinion.

The justified ridicule set forth below is from an email sent out to people concerned about election security.  It is from the Thomas Moore Society a pro-life legal defense firm also concerned with election integrity.  It makes complete sense if you have viewed the documentary 2000 Mules which by the way premieres for normal theatrical distribution today.

4.) Fact-checkers correct the 2000 Mules Record!  California fact-checkers have reviewed 2000 Mules and are correcting the record.  I have included a brief recap from the independent fact checkersI am so thankful to the independent fact checkers for correcting the record. 

    • Claim #1: 2000 Mules alleges that ballot mules were identified that went near a dropbox ten times, and a nonprofit 5 times.  This could be evidence of mules picking up fraudulent ballots from the left-wing non-profit and delivering the fraudulent ballots to dropboxes.  However, independent fact checkers note that GPS data in 2022 isn’t as reliable as one may think.  Although it is used by Google, Facebook, Apple, and every third party app you use.  The independent fact checkers found that we don’t know that a mule was picking up fraudulent ballots from a non-profit and delivering them to drop boxes.  The independent fact checkers note that there could be a perfectly legitimate reason to visit drop boxes over ten times in the middle of the night.  It notes that cab drivers and election officials would have perfectly good reasons to go from non-profits to dropboxes repeatedly.
    • Claim #2:  FOIAed surveillance footage shows ballot traffickers submitting multiple ballots into drop boxes.  However, brilliant independent fact checkers note that there is no proof that the mules on camera are the same mules seen in the GPS data.  
    • Claim #3: : 2000 Mules shows video surveillance of mules stuffing a ballot box with multiple ballots, in violation of the law.  However, independent fact checkers note the story of Larry Campbell, a man not seen in the documentary who claims he submitted six ballots into a dropbox on behalf of his wife and four adult children in Michigan.  Independent fact checker Tim Griffin found this confusing as Michigan Code Section 168.764 does allow immediate family members to do what Larry Campbell did, but it was nonetheless illegal in Georgia, where the documentary shows footage from.
    • Claim #4: 2000 Mules discusses 1,000+ potential paid mules based off of GPS data in Philadelphia.  However, independent fact checkers have debunked this claim saying that independent fact checkers have not yet seen the evidence.  Independent fact checkers also rely on the statement of democrat state Senator Sharif Street, a Philadelphia democrat re-elected in 2020 through the use of these drop boxes, in the city of Philadelphia, who claims that he spent much time around drop boxes and nonprofits but didn’t harvest ballots, and therefore the data is flawed.
    • Claim #5: 2000 Mules matched some of the ballot traffickers’ phones to those who were at the BLM and Antifa riots during the summer of 2020, meaning that these could be trusted provocateurs of the left engaged in an illegal RICO case.  However, independent fact checkers found the claim false, and that while the same people could have been near the drop boxes during election season, and at the summer riots, it didn’t mean that these actors were leftist agitators.  It notes that police and firefighters were present at the summer BLM rallies.  Thus, the cell phone signals of the ballot traffickers could have been the same police and firefighters from other states, popping up in election season near drop boxes in faraway states.  Maybe the police officers and firefighters took election season vacations to travel out-of-state to work second jobs at ballot traffickers.
    • Claim #6: the mules in videos were wearing surgical gloves to prevent their fingerprints from being on the ballots, as they were engaged in an illegal act.  However, independent fact checkers found the claim false and indicated that the mules were likely wearing the gloves to stop the spread of COVID-19, and to keep warm during the winter months.
    • Claim #7: the mules took photos of their collection of ballots at the drop box in order to send to their employer and be paid.  However, independent fact checkers found this to be a false claim as many voters take pictures of their singular ballot envelope prior to inserting it into the drop box.
    • Claim #8: the mules in swing states may have swung the election for Trump through the number of ballots trafficked.  However, independent fact checkers found this claim to be false.  Iowa College of Law professor Derek Muller, who graduated law school the year I went into law school, believes a ballot trafficking scheme is unlikely.
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