Two Great Ones From American Greatness

The first article Trump Needs to Alter His Message on COVID is sorely needed if he wants any enthusiasm from this quarter towards a primary run. Just stop it Donald — do you know who your base is really .  Your support at this stage is a lot of desperation in the face of Biden. As it stands now I hope DeSantis runs.  He is a good candidate and a better politician (in the good sense of the word).  I would go further than the article.  I think Trump needs to decry that he was mislead and that he endorses investigation into the unethical aspects to the whole tragedy/fiasco/scam and that he would make a lot of changes were h to be elected the third time.

The same advice in the article should be sent to Chuck Grassley by the way. Being a “me too” in support of the public health creeps endorsing the vaccine and masking is not a compelling message even if he is opposed to mandates (so is Trump). The admonition for the general public to take the jab as a great public health benefit (it is not) feeds the surreptitious control freaks and their methodologies in government and thesupposedly private sector. Advocate real vaccines and treatments rather than experimental problematic manipulations.

The second article They Are Not Sending Their Best is smack on.  There definitely needs to be a better evidenced understanding of American freedoms and their origin and purpose especially from the “elite” immigrants who apparently come here for the money more than anything. Their prescriptions will turn this country into the hell holes they left.  The common laborer sort of immigrant probably has a more authentic appreciation of American freedoms and rights than the elites mentioned in the article.

By the way — We will have some comments regarding the RPI State Convention Saturday after the finished platform and sources for insightful comments by attendees are checked.

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