Trump should honor America with magnanimity by pushing the most electable candidate

  • OK — Trump and many conservatives can arguably contend that the “most electable” candidate is Trump. Certainly the turnout at Trump led rallies is impressive. Indeed they must be heady events for the guy on stage if he perceives the attendance and enthusiasm as personal adulation.

    Oh to be sure there is a lot of that and deservedly so directed at Trump.  But I look at the rallies as something more akin to a cause not a man and that is the reason for the attendance. I think most of those in attendance would agree, although Trumps rock star status is a huge draw. It needs to be internalized that MAGA is not about Trump and it is doomed to be a flash of American history if it is largely dependent on him or his personalty, rock star that it is.

    We in Iowa have to be more discerning than that.  We are first in the nation for the Republican caucus/primary system and discerning/comparing the leadership, policy  and communication traits of the contenders, starting now frankly, is an important contribution to the body politic.

    Why is it too much to expect a MAGA candidate to be bold in policy (radical as in returning to roots), to surround himself (herself) with good people, to take the fight to the enemy,  to be clever (as wise as the serpents), able to avoid unnecessary drama and animosity (humor is good in a Reaganesque mode), to lead with authority and articulation while making the effort always about America.

    Trump had a good track record and deserves great appreciation for doing what he said he would do. In one very important matter to a fault –  pushing an experimental vaccine.

    In spite of shortcomings one can point to instances of great merit in all of the categories but also serious predictable unnecessary problematic instances. Personnel judgement is a big one — being rather easily flattered, not knowing well enough people he brought in to key positions, not understanding the nature of the swamp.  Overdoing superficial friends and family. We can recognize Don Jr as a serious asset. Ivanka and Jarred not so much, and if he had to bring them in for some reason well that is an issue.

    Some might argue that Trump purposely created diversions with his “mean tweets” and necessarily used them to get around leftist media going directly and frequently to the people. One might examine the content with that in mind but there are diversions and then there are diversions. There are workarounds and then there are workarounds.

    Frankly I think a DeSantis is a better candidate going forward  from what I have seen in those categories and there are others as well — Cruz has largely redeemed himself with me (if I can forgive a flyer from Trump I can do so for him as well). More in coming posts.

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