Trump vs ??? who would bring the right kind of drama?

  • The thing is election 2024 for President should not be about Trump.  It should be about MAGA and Trump neither invented that sentiment nor does it depend on him. It can be argued he is a drag on it in some ways.
  • But can the country as fifty united states, survive until then?
  • A plausible but problematic or unlikely scenario to end the Biden residency ASAP after a sea-change in Congress via the 2022 midterms 

Writing at Townhall Kurt Schlichter’s column yesterday was the part one of his  analysis regarding who the GOP should nominate for the 2024 presidential race. He uses a pro and con analysis centered on Trump.  The first commentary was the pro-Trump one with the “not Trump” to follow Thursday.  We commend the article to you: The Case for Donald Trump 2024.   We also embellish it with this insightful video presentation by a Brit pointing to certain virtues of Trump.

The video commentary above is compelling. We would only offer that while Trump is a unique personality a conservative alternative who quickly demonstrates assertivness can produce the same reluctance in malcontents.

The parameters of my comments on this question include that it is likely that the Democrats will not be able to field a comparative strong candidate because Biden is making “Democrat” a bad name (it always was here at V’PAC).  That assumption on my part is important to the calculus of getting the best conservative able to achieve the most in one term to undo the damage the Biden residency is causing. The gist of  my contention is that Trump is not likely the only Republican able to beat a Democrat and indeed he might be the biggest problem should he win the nomination. That depends on women voters in the general a majority of whom still may be anybody but Trump, so give them that but one who shares MAGA policies.

Some might argue that Trump’s personality apart from his assertive MAGA policies which are at least quasi-populist, drives his support. Maybe for some, but I find much of it can be fatiguing and unnecessarily distracting.  All of us prefer his so called mean tweets to Democrat disastrous policies, actual culture rot and diminution of the country, but is that trip necessary, his way that is, when aggressive, clearer on point, in your face communications are possible from other politicians?  A major concern I have with Trump is that I do not think he has gotten his personnel picking problems solved, reflected in a number of his endorsement picks in the midterm primaries.  The extent of his serious mistakes in that regard resulted in much of the problems he faced.

Any alternative to Trump needs to support a rooted out federal bureaucracy and support a Justice Department that will prosecute identifiable election fraud of 2020. A new Republican House can take the lead in uncovering by hearings and pursuing prompt changes rectifying Democrat policy atrocities and installing preventatives for future congresses and administrations including proposing power limiting Constitutional Amendments as appropriate.  Electing Trump the third time in 2024 is not the only way to vindicate election 2020. Drama can be good — the inspirational effective/affective non-distracting kind.

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