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Here is another  satirical depiction  from the Babylon Bee this one of the FBI and as usual at Babylon its subject deserves the attention. The skit was no doubt triggered inspired by events and revelations in the last two years.  Following this inspired treatment we set forth excerpts and links from relevant articles and commentaries.

This January of 2022 article at American Greatness by investigative reporter Julie Kelly a brave soul in the spirit of Sheryl Attkisson.  Kelly has been relentless on the topic of FBI operative corruption during the supposed Michigan Governor kidnapping trial reporting and uncovering facts.

What Role Did the FBI Play in January 6?  (excerpts)

Referring to the group of men arrested on October 7 of this year on federal and state charges for planning to kidnap Whitmer from her Michigan vacation cottage,

“Team Biden and Whitmer herself made the most of the timely political gift. “There is a through line from President Trump’s dog whistles and tolerance of hate, vengeance, and lawlessness to plots such as this one,” Biden said in an October 9 statement. “He is giving oxygen to the bigotry and hate we see on the march in our country.”   . . .

Far from the FBI thwarting the operation, the FBI itself enlisted participants, organized and funded training and surveillance trips, and used paid informants working with FBI agents to lure unsuspecting “militia” members into attempting to execute the plot. . . .

In the early 1990s, the FBI accelerated its focus on the white Christian Right. After the events at Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, the FBI launched PATCON, short for Patriot Conspiracy, an alleged movement of Christian extremists. In one case, the FBI created a fictional right-wing militia group to collect information about other suspected militia members. A 2011 study done by Rutgers University raised serious concerns: “The tactics of FBI agents infiltrating militias, as well as paid informants being coerced into spying on these groups, and, in some instances, even providing the means and encouragement to carry out violent plots before being arrested, have been criticized as constituting entrapment by using agent provocateurs—agents posing as criminals to justify the financial and social expenses of counter-terrorism.” . . .

Was this the case with January 6?

A small handful of journalists resisting the groupthink of January 6 have raised several red flags. In June, Revolver News, a new website founded by Darren Beattie, a former aide to Donald Trump, published a lengthy report raising questions about the number of unindicted co-conspirators in the Oath Keepers case

If it turns out that an extraordinary percentage of the members of these groups involved in planning and executing the Capitol Siege were federal informants or undercover operatives, the implications would be nothing short of staggering. This would be far worse than the already bad situation of the government knowing about the possibility of violence and doing nothing. Instead, this would imply that elements of the federal government were active instigators in the most egregious and spectacular aspects of 1/6, amounting to a monumental entrapment scheme used as a pretext to imprison otherwise harmless protestors at the Capitol—and in a much larger sense used to frame the entire MAGA movement as potential domestic terrorists.   . . .

The FBI and Big Tech Join Forces

“A geofence warrant initially seeks an anonymized list of devices tracked within a specific area at a specific time,” Wired reporter Mark Harris wrote on September 30. “Investigators then use that list to focus on tracks that look suspicious, and can ask Google to widen the time or geofence boundaries on only those devices. Finally, investigators can go back to Google to unmask the real name, email, phone number, and other information of just a few account holders. But where a typical geofence fishing expedition might catch only one or two suspects, the January 6 investigation appears to have landed a netful.”

Since the Justice Department had categorized the Capitol complex as a “crime scene” and Wray designated the four-hour event an act of “domestic terrorism,” private corporations from Verizon to Facebook presumably felt it was their duty to comply.

“The collection effort has been met with little resistance from telecom providers asked to turn over voluminous data on the activity that day. ‘No one wants to be on the wrong side of the insurrection,’ a source involved in the collection effort told The Intercept. ‘This is now the scene of the crime.’”

Ed Note methodology similar to what is described above using commercially available geolocating data was used to uncover the election fraud exposed in the documentary 2000 Mules.

Kelly had this to say on December 30th of 2021

The FBI’s Criminal Lead Informant in Whitmer ‘Kidnapping’ Caper

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a morally bankrupt, politically weaponized agency doing the dirty work of the Democratic Party.

Related reading:

Epoch Times

FBI’s Silence on Jan. 6 Used by Whitmer Kidnapping Defendant to Buttress Case for Dismissal

Becker News:


The ‘Mystery Man’ Ray Epps Indeed Has a Proven Link to the FBI — It’s Just Not What Everybody Thought



Except from Mark Schwendau article above:

About a year ago a FOX news journalist named Ivory Hecker went off script in her Texas affiliate and got terminated. She then struck out on her own doing some real old-fashioned journalism.

In one story she interviewed a Steve Baker who has done a deep dive research into the January 6 Capitol protest crowd. Democrat detractors will say her story is a nothing burger but those of us still able to think for ourselves can see there is something to this story.

How do we know this?

The FBI showed up to ransack Steve Baker’s home!

You always know you are onto something when you do not fall in line with the narrative and the Gestapo arm of the DNC shows up to toss your home pretending to look for “evidence of criminal activity”.

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Baker was at the Capitol shooting hours of video as an independent journalist much like Hecker herself.

Hecker notes the most interesting aspect of his investigation is what Baker jokingly calls the “Passover Beanie”. It is a specific designed Trump beanie hat that the FBI seems to repeatedly “passover” when it comes to investigating those wearing them. Even though Baker identifies these people as agent provocateurs all wearing the same beanies as a seeming uniform for those actively stirring up the crowd, the FBI both showed no interest in investigating them or identifying them.

.. . .
The logical conclusion is Ray Epps was an FBI plant much the same as the FBI plants used in a plot they concocted to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta faced federal charges for allegedly conspiring to kidnap the Democratic governor with others and try her for acting as a tyrant during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But the others who were actually acting as the inciters were never charged as they were all (apparently) working for the FBI. This practice of entrapment by law enforcement is illegal. Two of the men were found not guilty and two were granted a mistrial. Harris and Caserta were found not guilty in the kidnapping conspiracy. That same jury also found Harris not guilty on other charges. The jury could not reach a verdict on the charges against Fox and Croft, and thereafter US District Judge Robert Jonker declared a mistrial for them.

Paul Jacob Common Sense

That Other October Surprise?

Harken back to those heady days leading up to Election 2020, when six men were arrested for a scheme to snatch Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer from her home.

“The Whitmer kidnapping plot,” Reason’s Robby Soave explained months ago, “was extensively directed and encouraged by agents of the government.”

This was not just a bungled prosecution.* This was the result of a wrongheaded and dangerous policy that, instead of lawfully monitoring suspected criminals to prevent violence, actively nurtures and encourages crimes.

And breaks the story in early October of an election year.

Sure, I know the government is here to help — but even “domestic terrorists”?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

Questions loom After Verdicts in Whitmer ‘Kidnapping” Trial


What did top government officials know and when did they know it?

No politicalization at the FBI,  nosiree

FBI arrests Ryan Kelley, GOP candidate for Michigan governor, for his role in Capitol riot

Ryan Kelley, a Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, was arrested Thursday morning for his role in participating in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capito…

Observation mentioned by Timothy P. Griffin, Esq. Associate at The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society

FBI Arrests GOP Frontrunner for Governor. The FBI is alleging that Michigan GOP gubernatorial frontrunner, Ryan Kelley entered the Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021. It waited to bring charges until he was leading in the polls and the televised Committee meetings began.

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