Sorry, right mountain range wrong monument for Megan Thee Stalion

To our great chagrin, we got the information on the honorarium for Megan Thee Stallion wrong. “according to our sources” we had the right mountain range just the wrong monument. Megan of White Ass Pu**y fame  . . . will either supplant Crazy Horse or his steed at that nearby monument and not be on Rushmore.* We regret the error.

The other face on Rushmore is still up in the air but rumors are for economy sake it will honor Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine —- nothing says new America like trans America. The economy in his/her selection is obvious (the Democrats are all about economy) as some simple modifications will satisfy appearances.

The hairline and nose are in  place and all that is needed is some lipstick and maybe some pearls.  Levine won’t give up the chic glasses so they are there.  As Washington was first to be completed Levine will be the first new First American on Rushmore  — also to be renamed as calling it after a white male New York lawyer is just wrong. Proposals include “Mount Hillary Clinton” but a focus group study concluded there would be no takers, err visitors.  Anyway there is no need to be dead to be on Rushmore as Democrats are also all about breaking rules in service to posturing.  The others we mentioned in the earlier post will appear in due course.

We are working up a sketch for the Megan Thee Stallion  inclusionary monument.



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