Same-sex marriage vote in the House: Miller-Meeks and Hinson vote to emphasize how pathetic they are

Two Republican Iowa congress”persons” Miller-Meeks and Hinson were among the 47 Republicans in the House who voted in favor of a bill codifying same-sex “marriage” in federal law.

It seems inescapable that the two are either in favor of the cultural, familial, progenitive, psychological degeneration reflected and aggravated by same-sex marriage legalization/enshrinement inherent in the bill OR they are obliviousness to the bill’s Constitutional and other implications as to federalism OR they are pathetically fearful of bucking trendiness and are just as pathetically incapable of at least honoring the  2022 Iowa Republican platform which states:

We believe that traditional, two parent (one male (XY) and one female (XX)), marriage based families are the foundation to a stable, enduring, and healthy civilization. We encourage the repeal of any laws allowing any marriage that is not between one natural man and one natural woman. 

 On second thought I suppose they can be emotional dunderheads AND constitutional ignoramuses AND pathetic little political pushovers at the same time even in the face of the strength of Republican core values in the face of Democrat assaults on culture.

Alternatively . . . 

They might have simply said NO we will not accept the Democrat narrative of fear-mongering and lying and distorting about what the Supreme Court majority ruled and enunciated in Dobbs nor will we be railroaded or submit to the particulars of the bill  . . .

Or they might have simply said NO  — this is where I stand — and proceeded to articulate the many assaults the Democrats have made on the necessary cultural and psychological underpinnings of normal family —  including Democrat assaults on parental rights, their exploitation of children, and maybe even plead a belief that their constituency will by and large appreciate a principled position instead of Democrat pandering, scaremongering, and Democrat incapability at moderation when they are not undermining the nation.

They might have just taken a walk which would have been comparatively more astute than removing doubt about their trustworthiness or in a principled way stated to the effect – I ain’t voting FOR that crap.

But it seems . . .

They voted the way they did because they actually believe same-sex marriage is just fine, culturally sound without implication, totally equivalent to the dominant cross-cultural understanding of marriage since the beginning of time and that the nation ought not protect any cultural understanding to the contrary.  In which case WE might have been better informed and elected someone in the primary who has more Republican competence.   Maybe next time.

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  1. glenda gruenhagen says:

    WOW! GOOD to know. That part of the ballot will be left blank. that means each candidate will have to be voted for rather than straight republican

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