So it wasn’t Leahy who leaked Pelosi trip – it was Joey

  • We suppose Pelosi could come down with COVID and save the world from nuclear war . . .
  • We were right in our more serious moment but offered the wrong reason
  • Surely Gen. Miley would have soon enough

Says Tom Cotton it was the big guy leaker — (referring to Biden’s running off at the mouth not his other incontinence problem) 

In our post yesterday which included a little pasquinade about Democrats we certainly were not intending to start some sort of fake pee tape story  about “leaks” that would set the media into a frenzy — although our little farce had certain common apt elements — “leaks” and whores.

In our more serious part we were in the ballpark – Biden being responsible – but we were way to assuming that he had any strategy other than running off at the mouth.

Cottons revelations still points to the ever serious danger we are in with this Resident in the White House.  The article was posted after ours.

Tom Cotton Says Biden Leaked Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip to Beijing.

Cotton said it’s common knowledge on Capitol Hill that Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan were leaked to the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing by none other than President Joe Biden himself.   . . . 

We cannot back down in the face of these Chinese threats,” Cotton reiterated, saying if Biden “prevents Nancy Pelosi or any other member of Congress from traveling to Taiwan, it will create a major foreign policy crisis — imagine what it will signal to the Chinese Communists if they think they can threaten us into merely not traveling to Taiwan,” Cotton warned. “It might in fact incite them and tempt them to go for the jugular in Taiwan.”

Reading comments to the article at Townhall  there were some entertaining if dark ideas set forth as to who ought to make the trip.

One that we found ironic was to the effect that it wasn’t necessary for Biden to leak the matter — wouldn’t have CJCS General Milley

Not doubt the Dems are in a quandry as to how to play this latest shit-his-pants again moment by Resident Joe.  Do they try to turn it into a tough guy moment for their administration and issue some warnings and have China backdown – (probably for the price of us removing Navy ships from international waters, missiles from South Korea or something) all in service to reelection efforts as we suggested OR will Nancy simply catch COVID, cancel and have the matter blow over — as their media branch will surely help with.  One thing is for sure — we should be worried — Democrats have denigrated military readiness and given freedom’s adversaries all manner of reasons to doubt American will.

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