WHAT!? Democrat Joe Manchin to continue to enable Democrat efforts to kill the economy

  • It was a treacherous act by Schemer as well (link and excerpt below) but Republican McConnell et al complicit in other boondoggle — the CHIP bill.

In the tightly split Senate (as far as organizational power) Chuck Schemer has no power without ol’ Joe Machination. As we have insisted before, in today’s Washington all threats to Red West Virginia are enabled by Manchin because of his caucusing with Democrats to give them the potential to do their worst. He is not a savior he is an enabler.  He is the  family member who buys the alcoholic a smaller bottle of booze, repeatedly.

These comments are in response to the latest development regarding the negotiations between Chuck Schumer’s Schemer and Joe Manchin’s Machination’s  plan to further screw up the US economy.  Read the first link – it is breathless report on the bill as saving the planet.  The second one relates to how Manchin has redeemed himself and the third is what it took to get him back in the fold — nothing — just a stroke or two and a whisper from a buddy

‘Absolutely historic’: Senate budget deal would be biggest climate change action eve

Biden calls deal with Manchin ‘godsend’ for US families

Report on Reconciliation Confirms Joe Manchin Is a Pathetic Coward.

Joe Manchin has of course been enabling most of the worst from that demonic party from the first day he was elected to the Senate.  Now he has agreed to a spending and regulatory bill, a level that if it gets final approval they will live with until the next ratcheting  regulations and inflationary strangulation of the economy on the way to destroying it in service to the creation of the  Marxist utopia hellhole they envision.

It could be thwarted if Republicans in the Senate hold ranks and Arizona Democrat Sinema can find the cahones that Manchin has lost again. Maybe Sinema wants to tag in and play Manchin for the good of her state and the country. It is not likely but we can pray for vision. Perhaps the notion of Republicans holding ranks is more far-fetched. So passage of it given the Democrat Party’s must-do emphasis behind it going into the mid-terms seems likely.

The proposal is fraught with tax increases that if they raise revenue will do so at the expense of the private investment that is the engine of an efficient economy.  It is possessed of irresponsible inflationary spending (along with the tax increases) focused on environmental doctrine that will create more boondoggles and more energy vulnerability.

Here are some links explaining the effects of the bill.

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Congresswoman Warns ‘Inflation Reduction’ Spending Bill Will Worsen Recession

Manchin’s Spending Bill Shafts Coal Miners With Massive Tax Hike.

Dems’ New Spending Bill Imposes Methane Tax To Fund ‘Environmental Justice’ Programs

The Dems’ New Proposal Does Nothing To Lower Inflation

What Do The Facts Show? The Data Behind Manchin and Schumer’s “Inflation Reduction Act” Contradict The Name

Obliterating Benedict Biden’s Promise: “Inflation Reduction Act” Would Raise Taxes on EVERYONE Making Over $30K a Year


Horowitz: McConnell helps Dems pass $280 billion Big Tech corporate welfare bill. Schumer betrays him in return.

Few people in America were following the passage of the $280 billion handout for huge chip manufactures and the 5G industry, but the politics surrounding the bill, as well as the bill itself, perfectly exemplify the “uniparty” dynamic. To begin with, GOP leadership had no problem with this corporate welfare bill and worked together to craft it. However, McConnell promised to hold up the bill unless the Democrats committed to forgoing budget reconciliation, a process through which they can pass liberal priorities without the need for 60 votes. Well, McConnell and 17 other Republican senators eagerly provided the votes for the “chips-plus bill,” and Schumer responded by announcing his plans to pass budget reconciliation to remake our economy!     Full story at link.

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