We link you decide — was Iowa’s election secure?

  • Election expert refers to Iowa Secretary of State as a “doofus”
  • We know that SOS Pate encouraged Zuckerbergs partisan get out the vote effort  to auditors.
  • At its most innocent that is an incredible level of doofusness
  • Pate’s emphasis on voting early and mail in voting during his tenure created a playground for fraud
  • At its most innocent that is facilitating cheaters
  • Look for documentary “Selection Code” August 21

View a two part presentation about vote fraud and or vulnerabilities  in Iowa (and other states).  From Iowacanvassing.com Thanks to DH for the forward.

Over the last 18 months, Dr. Douglas Frank, a renowned scientist and physicist and a 40-year modeler of elections, has been in 42 states. On July 27th, 11 days ago, Dr. Frank was in Iowa for the first time to talk about “What Happened in Iowa,” explaining the massive evidence of fraud and how Iowa’s 2020 election was stolen through each of our 99 counties, and what we, the citizens, can do to get our country back.

This event in Independence, Iowa, was sponsored by the Iowa Canvassing grassroots volunteers, see www.iowacanvassing.com for more information about them. (Their) GiveSendGo account can be found at https://www.givesendgo.com/G3BP1.

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