Mar-a-Lago Raid — an Intolerable Act

Democrats cannot be tolerated with your vote

Reading various commentators on the law and politics of the Biden “Justice” Department decision to have FBI agents goons (from Washington DC) raid President Trump’s residence in search of a few boxes of archives over which there was dispute as to whether he had them, whether they were “classified”, whether he had a right to have them in possession if he did,  and other points of contention — all matters that should have been settled in the course of negotiation, legal motions, appeal, notice, etc. or ignored, all which would have been afforded a Democrat  —  is chilling.

The raid  was intended as a pure act of intimidation with political purpose, and intolerable on that basis. It was also a display of weakness, the fear of Trump as a candidate and likely resuming the presidency (given the tenor of the country other Republicans could likely assume the presidency but that is a discussion for another post). The British King and Parliament tried to intimidate Massachusetts and any similarly minded subject colonies, in the 1770s . . .  to show us who was boss.  Their effort became known as the Intolerable Acts. The Mar-a-Lago raid is an intolerable act that was not just intended to intimidate Trump but to intimidate the political climate nationwide toward subservience to Democrat policies.  It was just as much about us.

The swamp hopes and has has no doubt already wired the process of trying to exercise lawfare   which includes as a punishment of the records act pretext that conviction prevents one from holding federal office. The big problem with that is it likely unconstitutional as regards the presidency.  The Constitution sets the requirement for the president not Congress which cannot make further restrictions on its own.

This intolerable act was not just intended to intimidate Trump but any subsequent Republican office holder. All Democrats ought to be held accountable for being associated with a regime that looks at policy enforcement this way.  No Democrat deserves your vote in November and the way to root them out is not likely to involve third parties at this time.

Collection of informative links to follow.

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