Stop obliteration of vote records including fraud evidence

  • Research is laborious, no need to destroy records

E-Mail Iowa SOS Pate to encourage/insure Iowa hard records and data be kept for at least ten years.  Communicate the same to Iowa GOP leader Kaufman and also Iowa Governors office to put Pate on notice. Encourage GOP AG candidate Brenna Bird to speak out.

Many states (including Iowa?) to begin destroying election records and data – This from AVA via DH

5.) Louisiana SOS retains 2020 Election Records. As we approach the end of 22 months since the 2020 election, many states will begin deleting certain records under federal law. Louisiana is leading the way in asking that records be retained in the most uncertain election of our lifetime.

Why? Well because the information posted in our previous post needs to be investigated:

We link you decide — was Iowa’s election secure?

And because of the information in this article by Emerald Robinson:

There’s So Much Election Fraud Evidence It’s Hard To Keep Up!
Here are eight articles from yours truly summarizing all the fraud

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