Election disappointments for GOP centered in states with looser election laws

  • “Looser” as in susceptible to fraud

Regarding the disappointing midterm election results —  in spite of the “wave” hype we can’t expect to win everything everywhere. That said, this article from J D Rucker writing at  America First Report makes fair points about the midterms loses —  both correcting certain scapegoating myths (abortion) and addressing the need to correct possible stolen elections.

Think of the states of Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, states with continuing voter integrity issues (Georgia somewhat improved but the cheat to win ethic pervasive). Had Republicans won even 2 or 3 of the 6 or more  high profile races that received so much media attention in those states,  the conservative punditry would have perhaps been forced to be more balanced in their analysis rather than so many issuing a spate of articles when not blaming it on abortion insisting that Republicans need to adopt Democrat vote by mail tactics, harvesting etc., and abandon integrity. We will address that concept in the next post.

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We quote Ruckers commentary  in order to facilitate readers’ ease of referencing our annotations and embellishments to his. Bold emphasis ours.

Elections Were Stolen: Do NOT Let Them Gaslight You Into Thinking Otherwise

November 15, 2022

Never in modern history have the polls been wrong by FAVORING Republicans heavily. Polls favor Democrats by 3%-6%, so in any race that’s close in the polls, Republicans have a better chance of winning it than the Democrat because real results for the GOP outperforms polling. We saw a clear example of this in Florida where polls that favored Republican candidates underestimated their victories while polls that favored Democrats, such as the race between Eric Lynn and Anna Paulina Luna, were wrong. Luna defeated Lynn by 8-points despite the final two polls showing Lynn slightly favored.

That’s how things are supposed to go, but this last election was different. Very different. Inexplicably and undeniably different. Instead of close races going to Republicans, they defied every election in modern history and went to Democrats. Even candidates who were clearly winning in the final polls, such as Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake or Pennsylvania senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, had their fortunes reversed.

But here’s the catch. The red tsunami that everyone and their dog predicted was only thwarted in states where voter fraud is essentially permitted through loose voter ID laws, ubiquitous mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, and unchecked vote counting practices. States that have stricter laws such as Florida and Ohio saw the predicted red wave. States where voter fraud is de facto legalized like Arizona and Pennsylvania saw inexplicable “wins” for corrupt Democrats.

Unfortunately, we’re not hearing about this from most in conservative or alternative media. Instead, we’re hearing excuses. For example, I’ve seen many conservative pundits that I used to respect claiming that the abortion issue is what caused the failure of the red tsunami. This is unambiguously false for one important reason. Nobody woke up on election day and said, “Hmm, I know I was going to vote for Republicans and told the pollsters I was voting for Republicans just yesterday, but today I remember Lindsey Graham wants to create a nationwide abortion ban so I’m going to vote for Democrats instead.”

That didn’t happen. If abortion was the issue that stopped the red tsunami, we would have seen that reflected in the polls for weeks ahead of the election. We didn’t. In fact, many Democrat candidates had switched their ads in the final weeks to stop focusing on abortion because it simply wasn’t playing for the general population. We also would have seen it in gubernatorial races. Instead, what we saw is 100% of the governors who signed an abortion ban won reelection.

This is consistent with what we observed with a race here (SD  47)  where the Democrat had abortion as her main theme in ads for a time but changed the message to suggest the Republican was a big spender with her pro-choice message reduced to more of a tag.  Governor Reynolds was one of those pro-life governors winning by 19 points.

Others have blamed the “MAGA Republicans” for being bad candidates. This is also false. Lake, for example, ran a pitch-perfect campaign. This is why she was leading in the final polls. Without massive, widespread voter fraud, I imagine she actually won by double-digits against a very weak candidate who wouldn’t debate, was embroiled in multiple scandals, and whose only pitch to voters was that Lake was somehow dangerous. So the lady who ran the counting of the ballots after being non-existent during the campaign somehow won against a person the people have known and trusted for decades during her television career. That didn’t happen, either.

Some are pointing to the student loan forgiveness causing a blue wave among students. This may be the most ludicrous excuse of them all. Announcing that college students voted heavily Democrat this election is like saying the sun rose in the east this morning. Students have voted Democrat in every election for the last six decades. It’s not new. It wasn’t exceptional this year. It didn’t stop the red tsunami.

While agreeing that the youth vote is dependably Democratic  and turnout may not have been dramatic, it only needed to be a few points more to win those close races.

You are being gaslighting, as Wayne Allyn Root noted on one of his recent columns, which I included in a segment of today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show. Unfortunately, we’re not just being gaslighting by leftist corporate media. Conservative news outlets are blaming the election losses on everything other than massive, widespread voter fraud.

Know this. If you feel in your gut that voter fraud is the main reason the red tsunami didn’t materialize, you’re not alone. People on both sides of the political aisle are going to try to convince you otherwise. You’re going to be labeled an “election denier” and for some reason that’s scaring enough conservative pundits into silence. Don’t fall for it. You know what happened. You may not know the details, but you know there is no possible way the general population outside of Florida and a few other states voted for more of the torture this nation has been put through the last two years under Democrat control.

Could Oz really have been that bad compared to what the world saw about Uncle Fester Fetterman and the bums rush Democrats got to hurry up and vote for him?? The Democrat strategy of keeping Fetterman under wraps as long as possible, getting all the votes in they could prior to the so called debate means they can nominate and elect a ham sandwich.  Oz was not a good candidate or choice by Trump but seriously haw could he lose to Fetterman with an informed or sentient population?

“It’s the economy, stupid.” For Democrats to have allegedly been rewarded with possible gains in the Senate and far fewer losses than projected in the House is simply impossible with the economy the way it is. It wasn’t Roe v Wade. It wasn’t “MAGA Republicans.” It wasn’t student debt forgiveness. It was voter fraud. Period. Don’t let anyone, especially so-called conservative pundits, convince you otherwise.

Here we disagree as to the effect of the youth vote which is not to say that fraud was not a sufficient part of the equation. I doubt any group of Democrat leaners would be less scrupulous about how they vote than the younger voters –  and more likely to participate in activity they could rationalize however in violation of the integrity of the election. There were motivations designed to appeal to them and they included unfettered abortion but also loan forgiveness and pot referenda.

Hopefully, there will be some lawfare finally used properly by Republicans. That’s the only recourse at this point. As Leo Donofrio noted on a recent interview, there are ways we can correct the stolen election in Arizona at the very least. I’m sure there are ways in other states as well. It’s time to find some good, patriotic attorneys and plaintiffs who are willing to put in the work to save this nation. Otherwise, there may not even be a 2024 election.


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