Anheuser-Busch InBev is into more than horse grooming

To belabor the analogy: The immune response (us) should not be to ignore their marketing and consume their products but to quarantine them, so to speak, so that they do not have the pathway (resources) to infect the non-immune.  While pathogens, culturally destructive or indifferent marketers targeting cell (demographic) types will always be lurking about looking for infectious avenues, some more acutely pathogenic than others, they can “learn” to be at peace with the body. They can be “learned”  not to mock or insult womanhood (and manhood in the process) — the inherent, irreplaceable irreducible components of culture.

IN OTHER WORDS BOYCOTT THE BASTARDS AND THE CLYDESDALES THEY RODE IN ON.  Boycott Anheuser-Busch InBev products.  They make nothing one can’t do without.  They have offered themselves up as a representative of the mass-marketing woke corporate culture. Let then reap the whirlwind  For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal Prophetic? We hope so.

Don’t let this be as Twitter commenter @FiveTimesAugust mentioned at GoWokeGoBroke

All they want is for you to talk about their brand, that’s why these “go woke go broke” brands don’t care. You’re talking about it, they win. Why? Because they know after a few weeks you’ll forget and start buying their product again. Remember when you swore you’d stop watching…

By the way GoWokeGoBroke is a worthy and fun effort to expose and resist so many product corporations’ presumptuousness of being some sort of change agents in AB-INBev’s case with really warped cultural assaults.

While we agree with the observation about cynicism in corporate marketing departments, the ~~as long as they spell our name right ~~  approach bone-headed marketing of a product particularly subject to sentiment with close competition is no winning strategy. The lesson needs to be that such cynicism will not carry the day and to give pause to other marketing departments who are so tempted. The other lesson is that pure marketing stupidity needs to be punished.

They need to feel the economic pain for using the money they make from western culture to assault that culture.  We note that AB-INBev and their “market segmentation” would not go over big in Islam, China, Russia. But let’s see these brave marketers dress up a beer can with a Dylan type and peddle it outside of western decadence. But even in our increasingly jaded culture surely that which surrounds beer will resist. Red-blooded actual beer drinkers are the vanguard in America, not superficial jingoistic equally creepy marketing departments personified by this Bud Light brand leader: Oh, So That’s Why Bud Light Decided to Destroy Its Brand

Maybe Spuds was a bull terrier dyke?

We all remember Spuds MacKenzie — turns out Bud Light foisted that critter on us as a male. Now to be sure we doubt the real canine actually identified as male — that was the company imposing their gender wishes on the fur baby. To use AB new standards, sadly “Spuds” (real name “Evie”) and her sex were kept hidden and the fur baby had no choice in the matter.

AB can’t hide Mulvaney’s sex as well as they did Spud’s née Evie . He looks like a heavily made up slightly built man parading about in pre-teen and pre-teen dress-up clothing.  He has no natural features of a female. He acts like a six year old, certainly not a woman.  He and AB are insulting women. Evie never did that.

There are signs that Bud Light brand is feeling the adverse reaction to the insult to the their customer base. Beer, in our humble judgement, was given to us to celebrate culture not abuse of women or men or what it means to be either.

But in line with the earlier observation, AB-In Bev can write off one brand,  perhaps come up with a cynical sop to real womanhood or manhood. Watch for it in their other products or perhaps even a hugely expensive effort to shift the subject or something. Let’s not let it work until corporate profits, the life blood of this stuff is adequately shed.

Modest proposal

An intellectual exercise regarding transgenderism and organ donation.

Yes our opinion is that transgenderism is mixed nuts — nutty immature males that think they want to cut them off and nutty woman that say they want them because they think fake ones will make them male. It’s delusional in both cases. As regards the latter a lot of Democrat males have them but it does not make them men. Trans activists might say that proves their point. So maybe it is true. The Democrat party is the transition party. Men enter it because of the attraction of loosing theirs to socialism and having the government be the primary care-giver for their infantile mind-set. They want affirmation for whatever they want to do, as long as it is culturally destructive of course, and to have others pay for it.  They get pissy about it if they do not get their way and can turn into bull dykes, some with male genitalia, some with out. Mostly the latter.

OK we are off track a bit, back to the possibility of getting sex organ donors and recipients together in a swap meet or something.

What an Alice and Alex in Wonderland it would be. You would have sadistic doctors, not unlike abortionists who excel at mutilating human beings and selling or brokering organs.  And then you would have (albeit unlike abortions) supposedly willing donors, (unborn babies having no choice in their painful “donations”/mutilations).

Then again the degree of willingness of the “patient”  in transgender surgery is disputable based on the wholistic truth that those desiring organ mutilation in pursuit of the absolute chimera of changing sexes are really screwed up. But like in the case of abortion they’re being really evil people willing to accommodate them.  Never mind that as in the case with abortion you can rip the baby out of the womb but not out of the psyche, same for sex organs.

Those infected with the social contagion of sexual dysphoria, (the amount of this psychosis was not present in past decades) most of which would dissipate were it not iatrogenically aggravated and socially affirmed  — sort of like covid mortality actually being enhanced by the health “experts” pushing repeated “boosting” of a gene “therapy” poison corruptly referred to as a vaccine.  Democrat enclaves (also a social disease) pushing to be meccas for sex reassignment organ mutilations. These doctors and politicians really do think they are God.  Oh sorry, off on tangents again.

Invoking the old saw, a sadist is a masocist’s best friend, the transgender acceptance thing is a Wonderland because there you would have sadists and masocists together doing their thing with an audience of ever-so-woke affirming family and friends (pretty much just as sick as the main actors).  It is such theater rejecting, mocking God’s plan. One willing to cut out their God given / naturally given sex organ,  a desire akin to masochism,  and their “best friend” sadistic doctors and powerful God rejecting elements of society in support.

As social statements, and cultural assaults there can few more egregious assaults on God and culture than abortion and transgenderism being exalted as they are.

Bud Light’s new spokes is a man who claims to be a woman. Real women do not act like this creep. He is not even a caricature of womanhood (transgenders and drag queens are not women) he is a representation of a sick transient social phenomena that is trying to gain acceptance and normalcy in a way that denigrates manliness and womanliness and society.

The whole drag thing was never funny, just cringy. The transgender thing is deeply sick. That a major corporation elected to use this degenerate (he still has moral agency) to represent their product — not just coincidently as someone with a weird but unheralded background but BECAUSE he is a sick celebrity flaunting his illness.  Upon examination by normal people he is  sociopathic (harmful to society) and insulting to womanhood and manhood. The marketers don’t care. They have engaged in an assault on culture and everything good about beer.

This issue and its current prominence and its resolve indicates a lot.  But enough for one post. We will continue with some more later.

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