The bandaid has been yanked – McCarthy is out as speaker – boil of business as usual exposed

  • Air allows the wound to heal quicker
  • Disregard the howls, the Republican wimps will get over it, soon to get back to their convenient version of “the people’s business”. 
  • It was not just one incident however one revelation ironically exposed by a   McCarthy supporter, shows McCarthy was a sniveling clinger – for the good of the country of course.

We can admit to some trepidation over the move to ‘vacate the chair’.  We feared it was a distraction without a lot of upside given the replacement might not be any more resolute on fighting Democrats.  That was our cynicism. And we accepted that McCarthy had a tough job given that the party split is so close ( but perhaps no harder than Schumer’s job over on the Senate). It appears now that McCarthy was even more cynical, having secretly bargained with Pelosi for her support, and then thinking he could trust her, to issue his “bring it” response to Goetz. If McCarthy had been successful it probably would have made the Goetz group’s threats discountable and put McCarthy beholden to Pelosi.

So the yank and fallout has exposed several things that are important for Republican health. These include that pretty much the same few Republicans, led by Goetz, who essentially put McCarthy in office (the deciding block) based on his commitments to them were serious, and McCarthy was not.

McCarthy went ahead and operated in the image of Speaker-as-conniver. Ultimately feeling that he was established enough to tell Goetz et al to kiss off.  But a report we first saw at RedState, after the ouster vote, indicating that Pelosi had special treatment – a convenient office given to her by McCarthy for her support on sustaining his speakership,  had been yanked by the interim Speaker (a McCarthy ally) when she joined with all the other Democrats and Goetz’s group to vacate the Speaker’s chair.  (Without that special office look for Pelosi to reconsider staying ion the House).

Commenters to that report bring the implications home:


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I had zero clue McCarthy had a deal going with Pelosi. But it explains why 24 hours ago he was strutting around challenging Gaetz to bring it on.

Well the worm turned pretty quickly there and I am going to have to reassess my understanding of the whole situation.

Seems perhaps that McCarthy was lying down in bed with snakes after all and making behind the scenes deals and those snakes just bit him on the @ss?

I understand compromise is an important part of politics. I also understand that selling out what you promised to your voters is unacceptable.

Notice McCarthy’s values that maintaining “governance” is more important than voter sentiment to cut spending.

That explains EVERYTHING. (I’ve heard most R politicians say the same thing. Quietly….)



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And there it is. I was ambivalent towards McCarthy getting removed until I read this
“According to McCarthy, as part of the passage of the recent 45-day clean continuing resolution, Pelosi had promised to not support Gaetz if a motion to vacate was filed.”

And that is all the proof I needed that he needed to go. This shows a clear lack of leadership and an understanding of were we are at right now. Yup removing him now was the right thing to do. He was a rube.

Well said by commenters at RedState

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