Goetz explains his action

Who thinks we are not better off with Jordan or Scalise as Speaker?

Trump should keep his butt and mouth (sarcastic people would insert “you are being redundant” here)  out of the matter.

The howls from the usual suspects including  elements of the conservative commentariat are pathetic

Rumble video of Goetz explaining the situation set forth below.    

Congressman Goetz of Florida led the effort of a small group of House conservatives to vacate the chair ousting McCarthy as Speaker of the House.  They comprised a swing group for the particular effort, who Democrats aligned with for reasons of their own distrust of McCarthy and or mischievous reasons.

The same conservative group due to similar dynamics was able to prevent McCarthy from being Speaker until he agreed to certain important concessions about the conduct of congress especially as regards spending bills and certain other policy matters. McCarthy recently blatantly violated terms agreed to as regards continuing resolution appropriations bills. The small group held together to call him to task.

McCarthy initially thought he had a deal with the devil Pelosi. He didn’t.  All voting Dems joined with the small group of Republicans to vote to vacate the chair and McCarthy was out. Goetz appearing on the Joe Pags Show gives further insight to the first ever successful action. So far armageddon has not occurred.

Why he did it


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