Davenport Municipal Primary Election TODAY

The City of Davenport municipal primary Election is this Tuesday October 10th. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.  Voting is at your regular precinct voting place meaning there will not be a consolidation of voting locations.

Aldermanic positions where not more than two candidates announced, do not have primaries. For those that do, you vote for one, your best choice among the group running.  The two highest vote getters will be the contestants on the General Election ballot.  That election will be held November 7.  We intend to post party affiliations for all the races in Scott County relevant to the general Election at a later date.

Below are the names of the candidates running in the primary for Davenport municipal positions.  Their party affiliations are shown in parenthesis courtesy of JM.

(R)- Republican (D) Democrat  (O) no current party affiliation that is ballot eligible.

There is a regrettable dearth of Republicans in the primary and we note (not shown) already positioned for the general election. We recommend voting (R), when there is one, and when there is more than one, the links bellow might help you decide mayoral and aldermanic positions.



There is no identified Republican running in the mayoral primary.We note that some of the alderman candidates give more cogent responses to the KWQC  questionnaire than the mayoral candidates although most are trite or gobbledygook.

As to mayoral candidate and incumbent Mike Matson, he cannot claim to want the position again in order to claim the power to do good things and not avoid responsibility for what happened on his watch. Supposedly there is a budget surplus, great, but perhaps soon to be exhausted in legal awards stemming from any city responsibility for improper inspections facilitating injury and deaths in a building collapse in May.

And city residents and businesses are suffering from unconscionable slowness and disruption due to poorly planned street repair. The 53rd Street project is a showcase of  that.  Don’t start a project with all its disruptions until all the necessary components are well assured. And by the way, treat such a major thoroughfare as a rush project  —  if there is a rain day during the week – work Saturday. Issue contracts to companies willing to work.

Ken Croken offers nothing but bringing his blowhard personna to the city since no-one listens to him at the statehouse, even in his own caucus, which is why he already wants to leave. He is a doctrinaire liberal jerk,  He is Matson but with more vocabulary.

Yvonne Collins, thanks for your interest but you are a D (try reevaluating that) and also try alderman first. The same could be said for Westmoreland but at least he is not claiming to be a D.

Westmoreland has a background in car sales. By gosh it has come to that. Three clueless D’s with some bad to evil instincts as such vs  the car salesman who is registered not as a D, may be a Dem in essence, but shy of admitting it. But that is worst case.  The others are worst case. I think I will go with him and his possible modicum of discretion given the known qualities of  D’s.  And I just cannot vote D.

City of Davenport
(Vote for no more than one)

Ken Croken (D)

Mike Matson (D)

Yvonne M Collins (D)

Brandon Westmoreland (O)

City of Davenport
2nd Ward Alderman
(Vote for no more than one)

Judith Lee (D)

John Paustian (R)

Tim Dunn (R)

City of Davenport
3rd Ward Alderman
(Vote for no more than one)

Paul T Vasquez (D)

Don Hesseltine (R)

Todd Allen Pirck (D)

Marion Meginnis  (D)

DeWayne L Simons. (R)

City of Davenport
4th Ward Alderman
(Vote for no more than one)

Jade Burkholder. (D)

Robby Ortiz. (O) but hard Dem

Caleb Arthur Shelbourn. (R)

City of Davenport
7th Ward Alderman
(Vote for no more than one)

William Pamperin.  (O)

Mhisho Lynch. (D)

Scott Ryder. (R)

Derek Cornette. (R)

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