Notes from the Liberal Zone: Reading the QC Times

Note to Human Resurces Department —  Crank may be putting in for hazardous duty  . .  reading the QC Times  raises one’s blood pressure.

Maybe, as a reluctant reader of the QC Times, I could be wrong, but I think this
area’s “newspaper of record”  is pretty much on board with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC repute:

That whole Attorney General Eric Holder lying, er, “misspeaking” before Congress and the administration; withholding subpoenaed documents…those are just vicious rumors.

Note to Crank: Right wing rumors do not deserve repeating right  –  we should all be on the same page about that.

But wait! Aren’t you confident, as I am, that the QCT editorial board will fact
check all this and give us readers the real story…if there is one?

Sure Crank, now your hallucinating, take your meds

Veritas readers: If one were to take the “anti-Pelosi” view of the “Fast and Furious” scandal

Isn’t it possible that President Obama and Eric Holder are aggressively resisting full disclosure of the F and F story which led to the slaying of a US border patrol officer BECA– — USE the officer killed, Brian Terry, is WHITE ??

Yes, QC Times ed board…that’s just how absurd Nancy Pelosi sounds to thoughtful people who are not in full Obama protection mode.

Crank, its what they do, here wash your meds down with some Kool Aid the Times sent over.

There is seldom an edition of the QCTimes in recent weeks or months that does
not contain a story or a column or an editorial supporting, in some way, the Gay

I very much doubt, however, that this story from the Powerline blog will find
its way to QCT prominence. Actually, the second part of the story is not
antipathetic to the Gay cause. The first part, however, featuring the top two
pictures, most certainly will not grace the pages of this fine newspaper.

If anything, these two photos put one in mind of the playful antics the Times so
admired in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“Fine newspaper!?”  CRANK, TAKE YOUR MEDS!

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One Response to Notes from the Liberal Zone: Reading the QC Times

  1. Romentum says:

    I love this Obamabot talking point about F&F. Holder has been lying to the Judiciary Committee since the first time he testified well over a year ago about this issue. Suddenly now that there are consequences (which should have happend 10 months ago btw) it is a partisan election ploy by the GOP! And Rev Sharpton be screamin racisim!

    And the anus of America Bill Maher is saying he just heard about F&F this week. LOL You can’t make this stuff up.

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