Veritas to Offer Free Popcorn to QC Times Editorial Board to View Conservative Documentaries!

Or maybe not.

Back in the day Mark Ridolfi, Editorial Page Editor of the QC Times, in an e-mail to selected individuals, invited local conservatives to view a Michael Moore documentary, and to discuss it afterwords in the spirit of trying to understand others viewpoint.  He magnanimously offered to “buy the popcorn.”     We are not aware of a similar offer being extended to liberals to view the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth documentary, but so be it.

Our Resident Crank has now suggested that Veritas use its august auspices to offer to the Editorial Board of the Q C Times a similar proposal such that they sit down with us and view one or two documentaries produced by conservatives exploring the person and Presidential Administration of Barack Obama.   Understanding that journalists have strict limitations on gifts, virtually diminimous, any offer by us to buy popcorn may require that they share.

In furtherance of preparation for making the offer as regards Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2016 , now playing to sold out audiences in its limited roll out,  Crank composed the following disclaimer and guidance alert to be sent with the invitation.

This film, 2016, is rated “CG”, Conservative Guidance required.  Liberals must be accompanied by an adult or an informed minor. This film contains truthful content which may be harmful to the ideology of uninformed Democrats and many newspaper editorial boards.       DLH / RM

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