Boehner Tantrum Makes Conservatives More Than Cranky

Speaker Boehner’s made comments before a Rotary Club function in his Ohio district mocking  fellow Republicans regarding immigration reform legislation.  Apparently they are not enthusiastic enough for him to present the legislation to them. It was as if they were the problem instead of the legislation passed in the Senate.

Speaker Boehner may be Mr. Commitment to the Chamber of Commerce on the immigration issue but he is not enjoying that reputation with large numbers of Republicans, including his own caucus, having shrunk from commitments on the budget and spending bills.

As National Review editorializes today regarding Boehner’s Tantrum:

The Senate bill is too flawed to be the basis for useful legislation. By legalizing illegal immigrants before we are sure enforcement is working, it runs the risk of drawing in more illegal immigrants in the future. It dramatically and recklessly increases low-skilled immigration, which is bound to impede assimilation. Its guest-worker programs formalize rather than solve part of the problem of illegal immigration: They invite a large class of people to contribute their labor to the U.S. but not to participate as equals in our culture and politics.

This is the sort of thing to inspire our Resident Crank, Gus, to write:

I believe the Republicans will now not only fail to win a majority in the Senate in this coming election, but will, tragically for this nation, lose the House, and with it the greatest system of governance the world has ever known.

John Boehner has only dramatically and embarrassingly, provided a vivid example of the Republican Party Establishment’s “strategy” for doing so. Boehner’s mocking of conservative Republicans who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens isn’t the “straw” that broke the Party’s back. It was only the latest and most illustrative example of what must be one of history’s most stupidly conceived plans to insure power and control over a political party by its liberal wing.

Boehner is the GOP’s bumbling, crudely insulting, clueless ham-handed con artist tool of the Party’s liberal power brokers and rent seekers.

I believe that, by November, the very prospect of this guy remaining in a leadership position, and a party ruled by the likes of Jeb Bush and Karl Rove, along with co-opted “conservatives” like Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, and local party organizations like the SCRCC, will be so revolting to much of not only the conservative base, but the party’s entire base that they will refuse to show up at the polls.    That is what happened in 2012, driven to stay home by “leadership.”       Gus


3 Responses to Boehner Tantrum Makes Conservatives More Than Cranky

  1. Roy Munson says:

    Nothing surprises me with Boehner anymore. I mean the guy cried at a Taco Bell event 2 weeks ago.

  2. Don Holmes says:

    “In an era of tightly scripted politics, House Speaker John Boehner doesn’t always stick to his lines.

    “It is one reason most House Republicans trust their cigarette-smoking, straight-shooting, affable leader. It’s also why he occasionally has to apologize to them.”

    This is the lede of a Wednesday Wall Street Journal story about Boehner trying to make “amends” for his “gibes” on immigration.

    Really now!!??

    “Straight-shooting”?? “Affable”?? “Leader”?? Each one of those ascribed qualities are open to serious question.

    My question to any GOP candidate for the House is, “if you are elected, would you support John Boehner for Speaker or House Minority Leader (depending on whether or not the party retains control of the House?)”

    If the answer is “yes” count me out of voting for that candidate.

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