Secure The Border Overpass Event

From 10:00 to 2:00 today at Moline’s 27th street and 29th street I74 overpasses about twenty people from the Quad Cities protested border insecurity (pictures below). Besides opposition to open borders and blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants, signs present included a variety of TEA Party and Liberty concerns and calls for impeaching Obama. The signs were to some extent obscured to I74 travelers by the safety fencing, nevertheless the response to the main themes which were visible, as measured by honking horns from the Interstate below, was gratifying .

The cross traffic along 27th street and 29th street had unobstructed views of the signage, especially the  ‘Impeach Obama” and “Secure the Border” signs which were not fixed and therefor visible to them.  They got a very high level of horn honks and thumbs up, probably one third.  Given the predictable obliviousness of drivers to so much that goes on, that is a very serious amount of positive response.

Only some of the signs were readable at speed

Only some of the signs were readable at speed


More reportage below the pictures.


The lens of the phone camera does not give the best view and the signs were somewhat more legible to the drivers. But the TEA Party flag and the large “secure the border” sign was indicative of the purposes of the event and received much positive response.

The event was not extensively advertised and would have surely seen much better attendance had it been.  Police who were present were expecting a counter demonstration which never materialized. Media presence included WQAD TV 8 and one blogging videographer / reporter. The location may seem dicey to some but it is actually quite safe, properly martialed. Our view is that in this setting participants should stick primarily to one or two themes so as not to overwhelm the passersby. Nevertheless, kudos to the organizer who has done a number of such events at that location and was very effective at this one.

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3 Responses to Secure The Border Overpass Event

  1. Roy Munson says:

    I’m sure that “honk to impeach” sign got a few beeps. John McCain would be beside himself if he saw that sign though as talk of impeachment supposedly turns off independents (aka Democrats).

  2. Gus says:

    Sadly, while “about 20 people” were protesting the accelerating destruction of the American Idea, several hundred, or maybe thousands of, people were illegally crossing our borders as the Administration continues the most cynical exploitation of children to advance its agenda. Nevertheless, as Roger has said, kudos to those who showed up and expressed the opposition to the Obama destructive/transformation on behalf of those of us who didn’t show up.

  3. Gus says:

    Obama wants Congress to give him almost $4 billion, no doubt for shovel ready projects, to deal with this “immigration problem”, caused of course by George Bush. Having just proudly announced that he and Eric had extorted $7 billion from Citigroup, has anyone suggested the use of a part of that? He’d still have almost $3 billion to give the unions and LaRaza to steal the mid-terms.

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