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Did we type more on?  We meant moron.  Those people would give the Lenins of this world the rope to hang their members.

Rumors abound that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will back incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu for the Louisiana U.S. Senate race, this at a time when a Republican takeover of the Senate is a possibility and accompanying general relief for business interests.  It should be dismissible as a cranky ridiculous rumor.  But it cannot be.  More commentary about the Chamber of Commerce, a.k.a. Chamber of Cronyism follows this letter from the Senate Conservatives Fund (fund-raising verbiage at ellipsis removed):

Fellow Conservatives:

According to news reports, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce plans to support Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in the Louisiana Senate race. 

This is the same group that said it was going to spend $50 million against conservatives in primaries to elect more Republicans.

That was a huge lie. 

The U.S. Chamber doesn’t care about electing Republicans. It just wants more big government politicians who will force taxpayers to pay for their corporate bailouts and corporate welfare programs.


The Chamber’s support for Mary Landrieu isn’t what’s so surprising. It’s the lack of any meaningful response from the GOP establishment in Washington that is downright shocking!

You would expect the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) to be absolutely furious over this betrayal, but they’re not.

The NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) told the Wall Street Journal, “The Chamber is probably going to be with [Landrieu]. We’ve already baked all of this into the equation.”

That’s it? No rebuke? No blacklisting of vendors? No threats to “punch them in the nose?” No threats to “crush” them “everywhere?” Nothing?

When conservatives support principled Republicans in safe red states, the GOP establishment goes berserk attacking us. But when the U.S. Chamber supports a Democrat in a competitive race, they shrug it off as no big deal. 


If you look closer at the candidates, you will see why the GOP party bosses in DC aren’t upset at the U.S. Chamber for backing Landrieu.

Truth is, there isn’t much difference between Senator Landrieu and the NRSC’s candidate, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA).

Landrieu and Cassidy both support wasteful spending, corporate bailouts, more debt, and government-run health care. 

In fact, they are so similar that Bill Cassidy even donated money to Mary Landrieu’s campaign in 2002.

And now he wants voters to believe he’s different than her?

Bill Cassidy also donated money to Kathleen Blanco (D-LA) who ran for Governor against Bobby Jindal (R-LA) in 2003. Cassidy served on Blanco’s transition team and donated even more money to Blanco after she ran race-baiting attacks against Governor Jindal! 

Sound familiar?

This is the same garbage Senator Thad Cochran and the NRSC pushed in Mississippi this year against Chris McDaniel. 


The only veteran, anti-tax, smaller government, pro-family conservative in the race — THE ONLY ONE — is Col. Rob Maness (R-LA).

Rob Maness is a retired Air Force colonel, a decorated combat veteran, and a Bronze Star recipient who lives in Madisonville.

He understands the value of our freedoms and will fight to repeal Obamacare and stop the spending, bailouts, and debt that are bankrupting our country.

Col. Maness offers voters a compelling choice over Landrieu and Cassidy because he’s not a Washington insider. He’s a constitutional conservative who will make Louisiana proud . . .

We can’t let the cronies in Washington pick our leaders. It’s up to us — we the people — to work together to elect conservatives who share our values.

Thank you for your continued support.


Ken Cuccinelli II
President, Senate Conservatives Fund

RedState’s Morning Brief had two C of C related articles this morning regarding their chrony capitalism persona, threats and performance : 

Will the Chamber of Commerce Back Democrat Mary Landrieu?  Read the full article by Leon H. Wolf  here.

It’s useful to remember that what counts as “pro-business legislation” now according to the Chamber of Commerce is funding Obamacare to avoid the shutdown, which they are still cross with Ted Cruz about fighting. Also, votes against pork and the size of government generally and for any meaningful cuts in spending are anti-business because of the amount of corporate lard pasted into spending bills under recent Democrat administrations.

The Chamber’s ways will never change until its constituent businesses make it change by hitting the Chamber in the dues pocket where it counts.

Strief’s Diary had this to say about the Chamber’s attitude and performance, full article here.

Many of the Chamber’s larger members and its leadership worship stability as though it were a deity, preferring even double digit deficits reaching as far as the calendar can take us to government shutdowns, and lust after government money like David after Uriah’s wife. . . .

While conservatives have not suddenly turned anti-business, or even anti-big business, big business as personified by the Chamber of Commerce has become anti-liberty and a purveyor of corporate welfare and crony capitalism. What the Chamber should be discovering is that even if their preferred candidates win, they can only do so by adopting most conservative positions. Granted, some number of those will just be giving conservatism lip service but a larger number will find it easier to stiff the Chamber than risk a primary challenge.

VM contributed to this report.    R Mall

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