Repubs Need to Assume a Different Position

Stilton Jarlsberg writing at HopeNChange has a take on Obama’s impeachment strategy titled Uncle Ream Us.  That’s right, Obama’s impeachment strategy.  We agree Obama’s view is that there is no downside to doing unconstitutional things and that his briar patch goads are a “win win” for Democrats. But more so our view is that impeachment won’t work not because of Obama’s strengths than because of current Republican leadership’s shortness of talent.  Anyway it is a worthy article, and as always, a delightful cartoon goes  with it.  Read his full commentary here.


In case you’re wondering why the president is now greeted with the musical strains of “Zippity Doo Dah” rather than “Hail to the Chief,” it’s because Barack Obama has decided that the only way he can pull the midterms out of the fire for the Democrats is to deliberately try to get himself impeached. Which is why the White House has started floating accusations that some unnamed person or body is thinking about impeaching the alleged president.

Current Republican leadership isn’t bending over for Uncle Ream Us on the matter of impeachment. But they have been in a stooped position as regards Obama from the beginning. They should stand straight and stop him, go nuclear, not leaving that option to Democrats alone. Stopping his immigration gambit would be a win win for Republicans.   R Mall

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