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For some time now it has been a frustration that whichever is culpable — our platform (WordPress) our Web hoster (GoDaddy) or various search engines do not make accessible  our latest posts on a timely as in instantaneous basis as has previously been the case.  A post toggled for immediate public viewing sometimes is available instantly but intermittently does not appear for hours, many hours on occasion. This situation has been verified numerous times by your editors and managing editor-publisher.  It is frustrating because we want to be as timely as possible and we often beat some of the big boys to the punch with various commentaries or observations.

There does not seem to be a pattern but there does seem to be a workaround. As a ritual if you will, upon entering this site do not presume the post showing is the latest, instead go to the archive area at right of screen and and toggle the current month. The latest post seems to promptly be present. Click on the top post and you will have the latest.

Refreshing your browser does not help. If any of our readers have another solution please let us know.  We have tried to address this problem with two of the sources mentioned above, to no avail at this point. Please let us know of any anomalies or quirks (other than your editors),  clerical matters,  bad links, need for links, credits, factual errors, etc. And please comment through the comment section in order to keep this site vibrant. Get published as a feature here as well by your clever or erudite commentaries or referrals!

We have a 99% record of posting something new every day, sometimes two and three a day.  We try to have the newest posts in the morning but that is only a 60% or so performance record.

By the way, toggling the archives is also an avenue for recapping our postings chronologically but the WordPress search engine of our archives is also effective by topic. Pick any likely key word   – “immigration” for example or “Comey”  and the full panoply of our postings, which are over 4300 at this writing, with that word will appear.

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