IG Report — anyone expect a perp-walk??

  • Seems like we predicted that little would come from the Justice Dept. “getting the facts”

“While the findings of the probe were forwarded to the DOJ, the department has declined prosecution.”

Is it necessary to say more about the total corruption of the Justice Dept. and the FBI?

Well, maybe one more thing…Has it ALWAYS been this way and we just naively accepted Efrem Zimbalist Jr.’s portrayal of it?

“Efrem’s character embodied fidelity, bravery and integrity. So much so that he inspired a generation of future FBI employees, many of whom pursued a career in the bureau because they watched The F.B.I. series as they grew up,” FBI director Robert Mueller said when he presented an honorary Special Agent badge to Zimbalist in 2009. “In those days, he may well have been the bureau’s best and most effective recruiter!” (Hollywood Reporter)     DLH

Latest from the wires and commentariot:

James Comey violated FBI policies with memos on Trump discussions, IG report says

While the findings of the probe were forwarded to the DOJ, the department has declined prosecution. But for Comey, who has cultivated the image of a by-the-book and irreproachable leader since his termination in 2017, the review shined a harsh light on his decisionmaking in the final, beleaguered weeks of his tenure at the head of the nation’s top law enforcement agency.

In a pointed passage, the report faulted Comey for disclosing sensitive information.

“[E]ven when these employees believe that their most strongly-held personal convictions might be served by an unauthorized disclosure, the FBI depends on them not to disclose sensitive information. Former Director Comey failed to live up to this responsibility,” the report said. “By not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment, and by using it to create public pressure for official action, Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees—and the many thousands more former FBI employees—who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information.”

For his part, Comey zeroed in on a section that said he didn’t leak classified material directly to the media — and urged his critics to tell him “sorry we lied about you.”

There is also this, via TeaPartyy 247 and Gateway Pundit:


BREAKING!! DOJ Inspector General Releases James Comey Report!! — Conclusion: Comey Violated Department and FBI Policies Pertaining to the Retention, Handling, and Dissemination of FBI Records and Information 

Some readers there share our cynicism:

Bingo. They’ll need to update their policies and procedures and take a training course or two on the proper way to handle classified docs. And that’ll be it.

Horowitz recommended him for prosecution and Barr declined. Horowitz did his job; the question is, why didn’t

It was reported some time ago that this report was coming and that the DOJ was declining prosecution on these particular issues in this report. DOJ said this does not protect him from indictment on any future reports coming out.

cletus       Translation: not going to be prosecuted.

Wake me when he’s been arrested….

He is not going down for this. He is going down on lying on the three FISA referrals he signed knowing full well he was lying under oath to a federal judge. He signed these knowing the information as bull!

Buster Briggs
IG’s summary in a nutshell ….
Former Director Comey failed to live up to this responsibility. By not
safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI
We have previously faulted Comey for acting unilaterally and inconsistent
with Department policy.103 Comey’s unauthorized disclosure of sensitive law
enforcement information about the Flynn investigation merits similar criticism”
Nothing but a little criticism and a mild scolding! What a lameass report!

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