As expected IG whitewash of the malcontents

By the time this gets posted, the report will be out, either confirming or refuting its accuracy

Of course it will!

Except that, as one of the best political reporters there is, Sheryl Atkisson suggests, it will tend heavily toward not holding accountable the previous administration’s wrongdoers.

We have noted previously that Michael Horowitz just doesn’t seem to ever detect any “political bias”. Horowitz evidently wouldn’t know “political bias” if it came up and introduced itself and put on a demonstration. (Recall in his earlier “report”, he couldn’t determine that Peter Strzok and Ms. Page had a ‘political bias bone’ in their bodies.)

There is significance in the fact that Michael Horowitz WAS appointed by Barack Obama. Has there been any Obama appointee who has not ‘toed the line’ on any Obama administration corrupt action, no matter how grievous? dlh

Sheryl Atkinson writing at The Hill

Here are five things for the public to remember as they hear and read news stories about the upcoming findings:

Most news reporters and analysts who comment on the Horowitz report will not have read it. They will rely on other news reports and/or spin provided by partisans and others with vested interests.

Most news reporters and analysts who read any of the report will only review the summary and/or conclusions. Some will read sections pointed out to them by partisans and others with vested interests to prove their particular points.

The report will offer plenty of criticism, but often accept the most innocent explanation for any inappropriate act, barring an explicit admission to the contrary.

Horowitz is not an island. There are other officials at the inspector general’s office, including the chief counsel, who weigh in on and impact what the report ultimately says.

Horowitz’s authority is limited. He doesn’t have the power to prosecute anybody. Even when he has referred an official for possible prosecution, he has to refer the case to the Justice Department — the very agency where the official has friends and colleagues, possibly even co-conspirators. The Department of Justice can — and frequently does — toss aside Horowitz’s recommendations.

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